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Human resource management (HRM) is mainly a function or department in an organization, which is designed specifically to maximize employee performance according to the employer’s strategic objectives. In addition, human resource management also involves hiring, as well as, developing employees in order for them to become more competent in their roles in the organization (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2015). Human resource management units and departments undertake various activities, which include employee recruitment, performance appraisal, rewarding employees, training and development, job analyses, and planning personnel needs. Other activities include job orientation, resolving employee disputes and evaluating performance. It is worth noting that the human resource department is an integral department or unit in any organization since its main function is to handle employee matters. Employees are an important resource for an organization and, therefore, they have to be managed efficiently so that the firm can achieve its mission and vision (Baker & Doran, 2007). 

From the RSPS scenario, it is evident that the Meritas family made an extremely controversial decision when they closed all but two of the campuses without communicating to the stakeholders. They also did not consult the relevant parties in order for them to make an informed decision that would have been favorable to everyone. Thus, RSPS has an uphill task in redeeming its brand and to hire a workforce that is efficient so that it can regain its top ranking position (Sims, 2007).

One major organizational subsystem that needs to change in RSPS is on the policy on communication, which is an integral role in human resource management. The policy on communication will be instrumental attracting a quality workforce since the brand of RSPS has already been eroded. It is also on record that what RSPS did previously leaked out to the media and this was detrimental to the brand of the school. It is paramount to note that once such negative publicity leaks to the public, even the remaining teachers in the other campuses will have the perception that they will also be treated in a similar manner in the future. This will make these teachers have job insecurity, and they will start searching for jobs in other educational institutions (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2015).

Furthermore, these teachers productivity will be affected since they will be busy looking for jobs elsewhere. Parents of those children in the remaining campuses will also be affected because they will not be sure whether the remaining campuses will follow the same path as those that were closed without sufficient prior notice. Thus, a change in the policy of communication in RSPS will be a subsystem that will be instrumental in redeeming the brand of the educational institution and return it to its previous status quo. Further, it will greatly assist in attracting a quality workforce to support the change (Mathis & Jackson, 2009). 

The policy on communication change will affect two other subsystems within RSPS, which include the school’s administration and the three stakeholders. The school’s administration refers to the management of the school, as well as, the board of directors while the three stakeholders include parents, students, and teachers. This subsystem change will enable the school administration to communicate frequently any policy changes and developments that it intends to undertake. It will also be required to consult with all the necessary parties involved. On the other hand, this subsystem change will enable the stakeholders the freedom to air their voices on the changes that they would want to be implemented in RSPS. This subsystem change will build confidence and create a noble bond between the two other subsystems, and this will redeem the brand of RSPS (Sims, 2007).

The proposed subsystem change will satisfy the three stakeholders because they will be able to voice their concerns freely without fearing any repercussions. In addition, teachers will have confidence in the school administration, they will be assured of their jobs, and this will increase productivity, as well as, reduce their turnover. Parents will also have confidence with RSPS, and this will ensure that their children continue going to school without the fear of the educational institution being closed without prior notice. Students will have a conducive environment to study, and they will not have the fear of RSPS closing down (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2015).

Moreover, the proposed subsystem change will create a unique bond between the school administration and the stakeholders. It will establish various consultative forums whereby all parties can voice their concerns, and this will eventually lead to a cohesive community. Interestingly, all these developments will leak to the public, and RSPS will gradually redeem its brand and attract a quality workforce (Mathis & Jackson, 2009).

RSPS will be able to attract, develop, and maintain the workforce required to bring about the proposed subsystem change through the implementation of unique human resource policies. Once the proposed subsystem change has been implemented, it is evident that it will create a cohesive environment between the two other subsystems in RSPS. This will redeem the brand of RSPS, and the institution will start attracting a quality workforce. RSPS will be required to develop an elaborate human resource management policy, which will establish recruitment standards that will assist the institution to attract a quality workforce. It is worth noting that after the implementation of the subsystem policy, the brand of RSPS will be redeemed, and this will greatly assist in attracting a quality workforce (Sims, 2007).

In order for RSPS to attract a quality workforce, it will need to market and advertize itself to potential employees and implement an attractive compensation package. Others include developing a career development plan; develop a rewarding scheme and providing a favorable working environment such as implementing best employee relations strategies. Essentially, this is human resource planning which is a fundamental undertaking since it will enable RSPS to attract a high-quality workforce and retain the same for a very long period because the turnover rate will be minimal (Snell, Morris & Bohlander, 2015).

On the other hand, in order for RSPS to develop a quality workforce, it will need to establish a training and development program, which will assist in career development and motivate the employees. The training and development program will be essential in the career growth for the employees and this will create a sense of belonging in RSPS because they will be able to advance their careers and knowledge, as well as, receive promotions as they continue developing their careers. The training and development program will also include motivational sessions whereby respectable personalities in educational institutions will be invited to have career development forums. Employees will be able to learn many concepts from these motivational forums (Baker & Doran, 2007).

Conversely, RSPS will be able to maintain a quality workforce through compensation and benefits. Compensation is one of the major factors that each employee considers when they are searching for employment and even after they have been employed. Compensation refers to the salary package that RSPS will offer its employees. In order for the institution to maintain this workforce, it will have to offer a compensation package that is above what the market pays, and this will both attract potential employees, as well as, maintain them. In terms of benefits, RSPS will need to develop incentive programs and benefit schemes, which will be beneficial to the employees. These factors are very critical in the maintenance of a quality workforce, and RSPS has to ensure that it offers the best in the market (Mathis & Jackson, 2009).

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