How To Write A Case Study Paper In APA Format

To say the least, the words “case study” are scary. It’s one of those tasks that demands extensive research and preparation before you can begin writing.

You’ve been assigned to write an APA case study paper and aren’t sure where to begin. You have a slew of questions, ranging from what goes into a case study paper to what the APA format is and how to get started.

Prepare because that is precisely what this article is about.

The majority of colleges use MLA or APA citation styles. If you do not follow these rules, you will receive a poor grade. 

Students are given a case study paper to examine a person, place, event, phenomenon, or any other type of analysis in order to identify, define, and showcase key themes and possible solutions that can aid in forecasting future trends, bringing to light previously hidden issues that can be analyzed, and better understanding important research problems.

The American Psychological Association (APA) is a citation system for in-text or reference citations that is commonly used in case studies, literature reviews, method papers, and other advanced academic projects. The APA format is primarily utilized in science-related fields and niches.

The following are the ten elements of an APA case study paper:

  1. Abstract Paragraph
    It’s where you present your hypothesis, predictions, methodology, and results. A successful abstract paragraph aids the reader in deciding whether or not to read the rest of your article.
  2. Annotated bibliography
    The bibliography cites and annotates the sources and references used in your paper. Remember to format it according to the APA guidelines.
  3. Blockquotes
    This is a lengthy direct quotation set apart from the rest of the text. Quotes of 40 words or more can be used, but they must be properly referenced.
  4. Citation examples
    Write an easy-to-understand and comprehensive guide of citation examples and sources that will show the reader how your citations are organized.
  5. Et al. usage
    In Latin, it’s an abbreviated phrase for ‘and others.’ For a single source, this is used to cite numerous authors. These are in-text citations that only feature the first author’s name, followed by et al.
  6. Footnotes
    A means for authors to provide further information or insight into an idea that you’ve emphasized in the paper without diverting readers’ attention away from the text. Footnotes should be formatted and placed at the bottom of the page.
  7. In-text citations
    In-text APA citations should be included in the body of your work. The goal is to demonstrate to the reader of your paper that a specific piece of information in the content was sourced from somewhere else. These in-text citations are subsequently published in the bibliography or reference page as references.
  8. Page numbers
    Page numbers are commonly seen in three locations in an APA structured paper: on every page in the upper right corner, reference lists, and in-text citations page.
  9. Title Page
    The title page is a crucial page that must be included in all APA assignments.
    The main purpose of this page is to display the paper’s ‘Title’ or ‘Topic,’ which should include components like the writer’s byline, the subject name and number, the lecturer’s name, the academic institution for which the material was produced, the due date, and the page number.
  10. Reference Page
    Although a reference page and a bibliography can be combined, it is preferable to keep them separate. A bibliography comprises annotations and attributed citations, whereas a reference page offers a list of references and outside sources that were used to build the information provided in the case study paper.

The Process of writing a Case Study

Now that we understand all of the components of a case study paper, we must also understand how to use these components to produce a case study paper in APA format.

  1. Pick the case study topic
    Ensure that you choose a topic that interests you. This will help make your work more relevant to your readers and a more fascinating read.It’s also a good idea to choose a topic with enough material and study information available online, rather than a wide or generic topic with a lot more information. For both you and your teachers, this can be intimidating and perplexing. Instead, focus on a specific aspect of the case study.Based on your results, you should have adequate ideas for the path of your case study paper.
  2. Study the case
    A good case study is a detailed, complete undertaking that will demand you to devote all of your time and resources to investigation. Finding information and discussing it with your peers isn’t enough.You must perform your own research, discuss your point of view and other discoveries, and propose viable solutions in your case study report. To support your argument, you’ll need correct statistics, relevant examples, and other mentioned sources in your article.It’s critical to include reputable sources of information in everything you do, from referencing secondary sources of data like articles and published papers to conducting interviews and acquiring primary data.
  3. Write the title page and abstract
    Prepare the title page and abstract paragraph for your case study. The following information should be included on the title page:

    • Name
    • Name of your academic institution
    • The investigation’s main idea

      This page should be formatted in APA style, which means that all of the pages should be precisely numbered and the title page should be centered in the upper part of the page.
      The abstract paragraph, which serves as a quick description of the work, is an important part of your case study report. You must state the paper’s goal, the problems it addresses, all of the methods used to get outcomes, and any potential questions it raises.This should be on the second page of your case study report, be between 150 and 200 words long, and be written in a single block paragraph.
  4. Follow the right format
    The body of the case study report should be comprehensive and entertaining, detailing the investigation and findings.Use formal words that are written in such a way that your readers may end the case study with you, as a case study is supposed to propose answers to an already existing problem.Most trustworthy institutions use this formatting style for their academic write-ups, therefore preparing your case study paper according to APA rules is required.

    The APA guideline recommends:

    • Make your paper double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides.
    • Use 12 pt Times New Roman font
    • When opening a new paragraph, use a half-inch indentation.
    • Each page should contain a running header as well as section headers.
  1. Organize your reference page

A reference page is required for your case study report, which lists all of the sources and research materials you used to gather information. These sources must be properly cited and written in APA format.

The reference page should include the following:

  • The author’s last name, and first name
  • Year of publication in parentheses
  • The title typed in italics

Your case study paper may be considered plagiarized if you use trustworthy sources but fail to cite them on your reference page.


This article on how to write a case study in APA format details the steps involved in producing a high-quality case study paper in the correct format. It also strives to provide direction, crucial recommendations, and necessary approaches to help you successfully complete this writing project.

Look through the pages to learn how to create a case study paper and achieve the scores you want.

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