I have an essay which is about ( describing myself in one word ) Please skip the collage part. From my outline you will see examples I want the examples to be completed and I need them to  be real life examples. My word is Responsbility.

Introduction : Make the sentence structure better

Thesis : please make it better by saying ( I am reponsibile in many aspects in my life and use synonym for reponsibile.


First paragraph : is about my family . I want you to describe how Im responsbile towards my family since im outside the country ( like skype them twice a week)


 Second paragraph : about my car. I pay my insuarance on time I clean my car and respect the law, driving with my license and paying for regestration .


Third paragraph :about apartment. Paying rent . Keeping it clean and neaty paying rent insurance buying furniture and building it by myself


Fourth paragraph : You will have to talk about my college and combine it to my country and how reponsibile I am especailly that I am scolarship student . example: I have to maintain good grades and don’t get lower than 2.0 GPA. I do my assignment on time and register for classes on time and before deadline


Conclusion : summarize the essay in two or three lines then talk about how will I be responsibile in future like ( work, family , wife childerens… )

Make sure to follow the instructions which is in laka. pdf file

The file scan_for_5rs  is my outline make sure to read it.

Please make sure to follow the instructions carefully and use easy words.

Please make it 4 pages no less than that I know it says 3-5 pages on instructions but make it 4.


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