[SOLVED] A theory of evolution

Essay:  theory of evolution
The first part taps how well you can summarize and ‘recite’ the material. The second part of each
question taps how well you are able to ‘apply’ the material. These are two ways for you to
demonstrate that you ‘know’ the material. Some may say that there is just one correct answer to
the first part. But even here, there are choices to make and one can assess different ways of
phrasing the material. If one were to just cut and paste the text’s words instead of rephrasing
them, that would demonstrate a lack of knowledge. But for the second part of my questions
where you apply the material, there is no single ‘correct’ answer. I assess whether you ‘know’ by
the way in which you apply the material. You might get full credit for this part in demonstrating
mastery of the material, even if I disagree with the conclusion you come to. The second half of
each question is an invitation to be creative and to give me ‘a piece of your mind.’
Essay questions:
1. Chapter 10 of the text describes the contribution of Darwin as he offered a theory of evolution. Briefly describe this contribution and his theory. Is Darwin and what he offered really important for a science of psychology, as we have it today? That is, does this material belong in a ‘history of psychology’? Justify your response.
2. As the text demonstrates in Chapter 10, Charles Darwin offers an understanding of the character of evolution (and development) that differs from the understanding of this process as it is offered by Herbert Spencer and Francis Galton. Describe and contrast these two approaches.
Are the differences between them important for a science of Psychology? Justify your response.
● Essay Questions are (on Chapters 10, 11, 12 and 13)
● You have to read chapter 10, 11, 12 and 13 in order to answer both questions
● Write a page and a half for each question response
● The format needs to be Times New Roman, 12 font and double spaced
● And most importantly using your own words and never plagiarize please

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