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Youth Sports League Project

In this project, you are charged with developing, implementing, and sustaining a youth sports league in a location of your choice.


The league will service 300 children from the ages of 8-14 in an area that is in need of a new league (this is a NON-PROFIT league). There are three age categories… 8-10 yrs, 10-12 yrs, 12-14 yrs. The maximum participation fee is $100, which includes a Team Jersey and Team Pictures. Your league should include the following:

Your league will have playoffs and will award three champions, one from each age group, with a Team Trophy for the winners and smaller trophies for each participant of the winning teams. 

1. You are responsible for finding the costs for Team Jerseys and Team Pictures.

a. Look for the best deal … ACTUAL COSTS

2. You are responsible for obtaining field, courts, etc. Nothing is free.

a. How many fields, courts, etc? … ACTUAL COSTS

b. When and where are the games going to be played? Think about your ages.

c. Renting facilities for your league … ACTUAL COSTS

3. You are responsible for setting up the teams, playoffs, and awards.

a. How many teams are needed for your league?

b. How will your playoffs be seeded?

c. What is the cost of the awards? … ACTUAL COSTS

4. You are responsible for providing uniforms options to parents (only Team Jerseys are included in the participation fee)

a. If more equipment, uniforms, etc is required, how is this going to be paid? … ACTUAL COSTS

5. You are responsible for finding officials for the 10-12 and the 12-14 year old age groups. Only the 8-10 age groups may use parent volunteers. 

a. What is the cost of officials, referees, etc? … ACTUAL COSTS

Other Items to Consider

If you are short on money, how are you going to raise additional income to pay for the costs of your league?

How are you going to attract parents, players, coaches, etc. to your league?

What is the value that you are providing to parents?


You must provide all of your research for this project. Do not just pick a random sport and location; conduct a Needs Assessment to determine need and viability. All costs must be documented in the form of screenshots and associated URLs and included in the project.


This will be formatted as a PowerPoint Presentation. Content is obviously of utmost importance but so is aesthetics. There is no minimum number of slides, as each sport/league that you could choose might require different content. Even though there is no minimum number of slides, you must make sure that you thoroughly cover the information. Your PowerPoint should not leave any unanswered questions for any parents of prospective athletes in your league who might view the presentation.

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