Writing in Economics – answering questions about history of Economics

Please answer the following questions as per the stated word limit, and use the slides attached to answer the questions – they should have the answers in there as you keyword-search, and then can elaborate on them. There are three sections of questions – a total of 5 questions that need to be answered.

Section A – 2 questions, each 200-300 words.

Answer any two out of these three questions:

1. Describe the Demographic Transition that occurred in western Europe. What were its main features? What were its causes? How did it influence economic development?

2. Describe the ways in which female labor participation in Western societies and the forces acting on it have changed since industrialization.

3. Describe in detail one of the following three econometric techniques discussed in class: Difference-in-differences; Regression Discontinuity; Instrumental Variables. For your chosen technique, explain in layman’s terms (meaning without econometric jargon or equations) both the intuition behind it and the assumptions required for it to demonstrate causality.

Section B – 2 questions, each 500-600 words

1. Describe the paper that is attached. Only in words, and not math or equations. What was its central research question? What data did it use? What econometric and theory tools did it use? What did it discover? How do its findings relate to some of the stuff that is on the slides?

2. Imagine that the year is 1775, and you reside in London. Suppose as well that you know nothing of the future except what is on the slides. A distant relative recently passed away and left you a large inheritance. You need to decide what to do with the money. You can either: (a) use it to move abroad to anyway in the world; (b) spend it on improving your education; (c) invest it in some industry or trade venture (your choice); or (d) invest it in land. Pick one of these options (being as specific as possible when describing how the money would be spent) and defend your choice against the other possibilities using the material.

Section C – 1000-1200 words

Historical persistence: how events, choices, policy, etc. from the distant past can continue to shape the present. Using the material, describe what causes some historical circumstances to have extremely persistent effects, and others to not. Discuss how knowledge of historical persistence could help inform the decisions of policy-makers today.

Citations: Not required if you’re just using these two sources that are attached. Also please refrain from using outside sources unless it is for general info.

Format: 12 Point, Double Spaced, Times New Roman, Word Doc

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