Writing Assignment Eng Comp II: Comic Strip or Political Cartoon Analysis

I have attached the pdf  containing the instructions for the assignment. Please go through it and let me know that you understand what I want before you chat with me. I have copied the first option of the two assignments but if you feel comfortable doing the second option, please go ahead and do it. Detailed information abut the first and second options are available in the attached pdf.




Option #1: Analysis of an Individual Comic Strip or Political Cartoon




Choose one comic strip or political cartoon. If you visit the website of a newspaper such as The

Baltimore Sun, The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc., you should be able to search

for comic strips or political cartoons easily.


Which techniques does the creator of the comic strip use? How does the creator make

his/her point in the comic strip? What do we learn about the characters and/or ourselves

from this comic strip or political cartoon? If colors are available, what do they tell us about

this comic or cartoon? What language is used and how can that be interpreted?

And importantly, which of the key terms from the topic lesson can you discuss in your

analysis? For example, how do elements of imagery, symbolism, metaphor, and/or irony help

reveal the cartoon’s message?


As with all academic essays you write in this course, this essay should have a well-defined

introduction with a thesis statement, body, and conclusion.

In essence, what are some of the physical elements present in the cartoon1—characters,

text, colors, etc., along with figurative elements such as metaphor and symbolism, that help

to explain the cartoon’s message? It can be helpful to focus on a single element in the

cartoon in its own body paragraph (include the element in the topic sentence and in the

thesis) and describe how it portrays the cartoon’s message before moving to the next

cartoon feature in a new paragraph.


Sample Thesis Statement: “John Smith uses (add one element from the cartoon), (add a

second element from the cartoon), and (add a third element from the cartoon) to show (add

the cartoon’s message).”


The guidelines for this assignment are as follows:

Length: This assignment should be at least 500 words.

Header: Include a header in the upper left-hand corner of your writing assignment with the

following information:

 Your first and last name

 Course Title (Composition II)

 Assignment name (i.e, Cartoon Analysis)

 Current Date


 Double-spacing throughout

 Standard font (Arial, TimesNewRoman, Calibri)

 Title, centered after heading

 1” margins on all sides

 Save the file using one of the following extensions: .docx, .doc, .rtf, or .txt

Underline your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph.


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