write a posting discussion in two paragraphs from a news article

To write the weekly posting assignment correctly, it’s important for you to focus on and understand the ideas presented in the following extract, which is adapted and modified from pp. 22 and 23 of the article Deep adaptation: A map for navigating climate tragedy, Bendell (2020) notes:

Some analysts are concluding that a societal collapse is now likely, inevitable, or already occurring. Thus, this question is important: What are the valued norms and behaviours that human societies will wish to maintain as they seek to survive? Deep adaptation to these changes will involve more than ‘resilience.’ We will also need ‘relinquishment.’ Relinquishment involves people and communities letting go of certain assets, behaviors and beliefs where retaining them could make matters worse. Examples include withdrawing from coastlines, shutting down vulnerable industrial facilities, or giving up expectations for certain types of consumption. The third area is ‘restoration.’ Restoration involves people and communities rediscovering attitudes and approaches to life and organization that our hydrocarbon-fuelled civilization eroded. Examples include rewilding landscapes, so they provide more ecological benefits and require less management, changing diets back to match the seasons, rediscovering non-electronically powered forms of play, and increased community-level productivity and support. A fourth area for Deep Adaptation is ‘reconciliation.’ Reconciliation recognizes how we do not know whether our efforts will make a difference, while we also know that our situations will become more stressful and disruptive, ahead of the ultimate destination for us all. How we reconcile with each other and with the predicament we must now live with will be key to how we avoid creating more harm by acting from suppressed panic . . . Resilience asks us ‘how do we keep what we really want to keep?’ Relinquishment asks us ‘what do we need to let go of in order to not make matters worse?’ Restoration asks us ‘what can we bring back to help us with the coming difficulties and tragedies?’ Reconciliation asks ‘with what and whom can we make peace with as we face our mutual mortality?'” (Bendell, 2019).

Over the week analyze the article for how it focuses on resilience, relinquishment, restoration, and reconciliation. Not every article will cover all four ideas, but you should be able to find evidence of at least one of these ideas (and usually more) in the article.

In your weekly posting,

explain what information in the article you found to be new, alarming, and encouraging.

explain how you see the issue in the article impacting you and your society in the future.

explain how the article addresses a development in the area of resilience, relinquishment, restoration, or reconciliation as it related to some matter of the environment or, more specifically, climate change.

provide an accurate APA style reference. This link will be helpful: shown in this link: https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/a… (Links to an external site.))

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