write a definitional argument assay about ” is tomato a fruit ? “


Definitional Argument

Assignment Description:
Write an argument that develops a definitional claim of the form: “X is (or is not) a Y,” where Y is a controversial term with a disputed definition. Typically your argument will have a criteria section in which you develop an extended definition of your Y term.

When selecting a topic, you may want to focus on large, national issues (“President Obama is not a liberal…”), state issues (“Immigration enforcement is a state responsibility, not a national responsibility one…”), or local issues that solely affect life here on campus, (“University facilities and grounds maintenance is not ‘green’…”). Whatever topic you choose, it is crucial that you choose a topic that has significant relevance in today’s world. There should be tangible consequences at stake depending on how the Y category is defined.

Assignment Goals:
Focus on a specific rhetorical purpose
Explore the multiple facets (ideological, social, cultural, political, economic, historical, etc.) of issues and to use writing to construct informed, critical positions about these topics
Identify the kind of ideological work a written text can undertake and how it serves to persuade readers to accept a particular account of an issue as accurate and effective
Practice developing claims and supporting them with evidence

A neutral audience that is not yet knowledgeable about your chosen topic. Persuade them to care, and to accept your definitional argument.

Criteria Worth Considering:
Effective implementation of definitional argument strategies Demonstration of critical thought
Evidence of revision from early drafts to final draft
Evidence of final editing and proofreading
Integration of secondary sources with your central argument Proper and sufficient use of MLA guidelines for citations

Secondary Sources:

You will find and cite evidence from at least 5 credible secondary sources for this paper. (Much more about this later, in class.)

Length Requirement: 6 pages AND a works cited page 

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