Write 12 pages thesis on the topic conflict management in the area of public management.

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic conflict management in the area of public management. Conflict management is an art, and when dealing with public issues, this becomes a major challenge. In the broad context of defining conflict management with the tag of public issues, the scope moves beyond the office set-up and can involve, for example, union-management issues, public-counsel issues, etc.

Seemingly, these words are fairly common terms used in the English language, but the gurus of the language speak themselves that at times, the most common terms are the most difficult ones to describe. Following the same, it is essential to describe these key terms with reference to the given topic.

Logical sense generally implies, understanding a certain issue in a manner that it makes sense via the route of logic i.e. the explanation contains logic and has substances, and makes sense. For example, raising salaries can deteriorate profits makes perfect logical sense, but the solution is not not-raising-salaries, but rather a good way out can be introducing performance-based bonuses because salaries are fixed and bonuses vary with relation to the profits.

Arguments are the cross-charge statements whereby one entity disagrees to the viewpoint of the other and presents its statement of disagreement.

Managerial advice is simply put the advice placed to the management, and likewise any other entity getting advice, the management also needs to comprehend and analyze various factors including the outcome of the application/implementation of the advice.

The three terms described by far can be combined together to comprehend that the arguments, when presented to the management should make logical sense for the application. However, in line with the given statement for discussion, it is difficult to make logical sense out of the arguments presented to the management.

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