Write 12 pages thesis on the topic busan port and felixstowe ports development and reform, comparison of ports.

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic busan port and felixstowe ports development and reform, comparison of ports. “Opened under the name of Busanpo in 1876” (BRMAPO, n.d, “Introduction”, ‘Status of port ‘) and “called Pusanpo during 10th to 14th centuries”, it “was a chiefdom of Jinhan in2nd and 3rd centuries AD”, (World Port Source, “Port Of Busan”, ‘Port History’, 2009), “Busan Port has developed into a modern port equipped with four ports, such as North Port, South Port, Gamcheon Port and Dadaepo Port, six container terminals and an international passenger terminal. It has constantly been upgraded since the commencement of wharf construction in 1906.” (BRMAPO, n.d, “Introduction”, ‘Status of port ‘). Brief about its history (The “Settlement of Japanese in port”, See Appendix – 1, 2009).

“Located in the South Eastern end of the South Korean peninsula (35 04′ 42″ north latitude, 129 01′ 01″ east longitude), Serving as a gateway between the Pacific Ocean and Eurasian Continent.”. “Surrounded by mountains and islands, So, water is still and the tidal difference is small. Adjacent to one of the world’s three arterial routes, Busan Port is equipped with naturally advantageous conditions.”. (BRMAPO, n.d, “Introduction”,’ Geographical Conditions’). “Its boundaries start from the southern end of Sinmyeong in Myeong-dong of Jinhae-is through the southeastern end of Wudo Island, southwestern end of Yeondo Island, western end of Cheonsumal, Gadeokdo Island, southern end of Gadeokgo Island, Saedngdo Island, Oryukdo Island and 57m mountain top of Dongbaekseom Island in Haeundae into the southern end of Gwanganni Beach.” (BRMAPO, n.d, “Introduction”, ‘Port Boundaries’). “Offers state-of-the-art facilities and is directly linked to both road and rail to Seoul and other industrial areas throughout the Republic of Korea.” (World Port Source, “Port Of Busan”, ‘Port Commerce’, Para 5, 2009) “Transportation facilities include Airport Bus & Seat Bus No.201 from platform No.3 takes 40-50 minutes towards Busan station at Seomyeon. Main terminals are International Passenger Terminal for Bus from Jwacheon-dong or Beomil-dong, Express Bus Terminal named as Dongbu Express Bus Terminal (Nopodong), Seobu Inter-City Bus Terminal (at Sasang).

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