Write 10 pages with APA style on Distributed Leadership. The bird at the tip of the V is the leader. The bird which leads the flock has to decide the speed and the direction the flock has to fly. But

Write 10 pages with APA style on Distributed Leadership. The bird at the tip of the V is the leader. The bird which leads the flock has to decide the speed and the direction the flock has to fly. But the wonderful point that have to be noted here is that, the bird leading the flock is not the same throughout the journey. When a bird finishes a distance leading the flock, it will return to the tail end of the flock and the next bird in the V will take the lead. This is not just an observation but mankind can draw important lessons from this. The concept of leadership is about the effective way in which desired results are achieved. As noted by Quinn1, “Understanding that leadership is a temporary, dynamic state brings us to a radical redefinition of how we think about, enact, and develop leadership. We come to discover that most of the time, most people, including CEOs, presidents and prime ministers are not leaders. We discover that anyone can be a leader. Most of the time, none of us are leaders”.

We are all aware that we are living in a highly dynamic environment. Like the famous quotation says, “if something works, it is obsolete”. Hence, what works good is not an end to a search but a beginning for a new search. When we are talking about building global competency we have to be aware that we are talking about change indirectly. Managing change can be a very challenging task for individuals and in organizations as well. Human beings always have a tendency towards stability. When there is a threat to the stability, people tend to avoid the change and try to cling to the ways familiar to them. But in the new economy, it may be individuals or corporate, the ability to change and adapt decides the survival and sustenance. The golden rule of nature is once again reminded, “survival of the fittest”. To survive in today’ complex environment, we have to try to adopt the strategies that will involve the team members also in the change process. No achievement is done by individuals, but achievement is by individuals in effective teams. Hence, how far we are able to influence the behavior of the team players to achieve the goals is the key for success. Distributed leadership is one such concept which is very effective in achieving the desired objectives which is widely used by increasing number of individuals. This essay highlights the effects that distributed leadership can have on the positive outcomes of learners.


There are various definitions for distributed leadership. According to Harris3(2007), distributed leadership means that the leadership activities are widely shared within and between organizations (Harris, 2007). There are so many styles of leadership such as the autocratic, democratic and free reign leader. But the concept of distributed leadership is leadership itself. Leadership as such means designing and carrying out activates to achieve the desired results. Hence, to achieve the results when we are working in a team, the person who wants to guide should design the activities which is interesting and engaging for everybody so that all the team members identify themselves with the cause. Best leaders are those people who can make the objectives of the team and individual objectives coincide. Hence, the activities to achieve the desired results should involve everybody from the beginning.

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