Write 10 pages with APA style on Comparing NorthWest Cost and Great Plains( about Archaeology).

Write 10 pages with APA style on Comparing NorthWest Cost and Great Plains( about Archaeology). Crop production is likely to be aff4cted by the changes of climate and atmospheric conditions. Geoff (2005): Geoff (2005): notes that evaluated CO do increase photosynthesis of plants and ultimately its production. Temperature level and precipitation amounts have a potential of affecting crop production in a negative or positive manner. Negative effect will be due to unfavorable climatic changes. The final level of CO is dependent on the local climatic conditions, for instance, summer air temperatures and higher springs may be god for crop production in northern temperature where they will increase the growing season. On the other hand higher temperatures may being negative effect to crops especially on crop maturity (Geoff, 2005)

The entire region of Great Plains is characterized with low annual rainfall, in many cases there is concentration of storms though in a short duration. The temperatures in region keep on fluctuating though the region has average winds which are equivalent to those found in other areas.

As historian Prescott W in his book “the great plains” suggests, the northwest European people who settled in the region was faced which three major problems, these were environmental encounters, which were.

The landscap

1. Soaring summer temperature in the region

2. Arid southwest and inner west

3. Great unending grasslands which were located across the country (Prescott,1933)

The Great Plains environment

The landscape and undergrowth of the grasslands is amongst the slightest varied to be located in anyplace in United States. Early on settlers who followed the Oregon Trail were able to get to the Pacific coast in a single spell of travel, this was partly because of easiness to cross the grasslands. The region is located wholly within the inner lowlands physiographic area. The core sedimentary beds fall smoothly. Height increases steadily, almost unnoticeably, from the east side to the west side. Along the eastern border, the height is only 500 meters, while the west parts of Colorado, Denver, has a height of over 1,500 meters. (Zeynep et al, 2004)

Geographically, the biggest part of Great Plains is known as the High Plains which stretch down the western margin of the area from south Texas going northward to the southern Nebraska. The region is covered by substantial layer of sediments which are mostly very sandy and very porous, this part is typically flat. However down streams for example, Scottsbluff on the Platte River in western Nebraska erosion has resulted in considerable local relief. (Siegried et al, 2004)

Settlement patterns

Pre-European settlement of the Great Plains by Indian American was restricted. Hunting, especially for buffalo, at that time was the principal economic activity. Many tribes were living alongside streams in partially permanent homes. With no ways of speedy long-distance land movement the Indians could not live far from the dependable water provisions of the water streams for any prolonged period.

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