Write 10 pages thesis on the topic political advertisements and advertising the world.

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic political advertisements and advertising the world. All these with only one goal in mind – to reach out to their target audience, get their message across and gain approval and trust to be able to sway individual and public opinion to their political causes and to their advantages.

In this age and generation, the race of the political competitors has progressed in utilizing all forms of multimedia – from the traditional media: print, radio and TV, they have moved the information dissemination and the political campaign to the World Wide Web through emails, webpages, online discussion groups, and chat groups or the social media. Marchese (2007) as quoted by Wright and Hinson (2009, p 3) put forward that the differences are “not the media itself, but the system of discovery, distribution, consumption, and conversation surrounding the media”. Although another significant aspect of social media is its relative little or no cost compared with traditional media even if both could reach any desired market (Wright and Hinson, 2009, p 3).

And last year during the US presidential elections, they broke through social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube and the rest armed with the message that they want to convey to their citizens and target electorate. Many analysts and experts had accepted that the success of the campaign was the successful integration of social media with traditional media (Wright and Hinson, 2009, p 6-7).

With the evolution of the political advertising methods, some politicians also recognized the need to alter their images to conform to the generation that utilizes these technological innovations. Physical looks, as well as political fashion sense, have also been revamped to capture the attention and the imagination of the audience. The changes have become imperative for those who want to be noticed in a crowd of expected drabness and rise above the competition.

As business recognize the potential and reap the benefits of the internet as an&nbsp.additional medium in communicating to the audience and dissemination information to the target consumers, the World Wide Web became the haven of advertisements of anything and everything under the sun that could be sold or offered to the vast market which suddenly became global or worldwide.&nbsp.&nbsp.

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