Write 10 pages thesis on the topic how can we adapt the design & structure of a british mosque in order for it to comply with the architectural development of the modern world (britain).

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic how can we adapt the design & structure of a british mosque in order for it to comply with the architectural development of the modern world (britain). But Minaret and/or dome is/are claimed to be divine properties of mosques and any rejection of them is seen as an opposition to Islam. Edwards Said in his ‘Orientalism’ says clearly that such symbols are truly needed as, “we all need some foundation on which to stand.” (3)

In many of the parts of Britain it has been seen that a different kind of religious structures of mosques are formed. Thus, excluding minarets and domes. The public face of mosques need greater attention according to traditionalists. They question that how such buildings of ever changing context in Britain can be associated with Islamic world.

It should also be considered that 40-50 years ago the immigrants were quite happy to pray in a make shift house in a terrace house. And as the worship place seemed too small they also didn’t mind in buying and converting the schools, bigger houses and warehouses into buildings of worship. This clearly indicates that the only important thing in Islam is to offer prayers to Allah without any external support needed as minarets and domes.

Another contemporary leading mosque builder, Al- Sumaria is one of the new generations of Muslims who has much radical approach and states that, “There are four features you must have, first of all you must have a dome you must have a minaret, you must have a Mehrab (the equivalent to an alter) you must have a babul Sulum what we call a frontal entrance. Those 4 features are of paramount importance, without it really any place can be a mosque.” (4)

This is the basic generational issue where most of the elders do not accept the modern architecture, confiding into commission of building, still not understanding what good architecture is. The younger generation finds the traditional style mosques quite old fashioned and want something more exciting while containing the basic essence that is true worship. According to Al-Sumaria the traditional British Mosques are not doing what people who want the building to respond should. Today the purpose built buildings are a bit more established as people want to raise some money from these to procure the buildings and moving from the adhock alteration of a building. But is it fundamental. The question is serious only if the essential essence of Mosques will be forgotten i.e. converting a building only to make it useful for praying, for Muslim worship.

Aim, Objectives and Hypothesis

The central aim of the paper is to present the ideal structure and architecture of Mosques in Britain and if any of the modern contemporary changes are affecting the basic element of faith of Islam. The idea of the mosque ever since is that it is place of worship serving as a sacred and clean space for prayer and also providing counselling, education and other services associated with the benefit of a community. They only need is to provide a space for all these services without any direct relation with minarets and domes. K.

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