Write 10 pages thesis on the topic biblical reference for the catholic mass. The history of Christianity is a testimony justifying that fact, as the Catholic Mass has been the same way since the time

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic biblical reference for the catholic mass. The history of Christianity is a testimony justifying that fact, as the Catholic Mass has been the same way since the time of the Apostles and the first Christians. Sources opine the Mass as an interesting call as it links Christians to God in the flesh when they go in front for the Holy Communion1. This paper will give a biblical reference for the Catholic Mass. The Catholic Mass involves a ceremony, incense, and golden chalices. The early Christians were men of culture and time. They held ceremonial events because they were descendants of this style of worship. Later, Christians inherited these styles through organic and natural means from their Jewish origins. Before the Constantine legalized Christianity in Certa, Christians used inventories besides the Scriptures. According to the written inventories, Christians used a number of inventories, which included two golden chalices, six silver dishes, six silver chalices, seven silver lamps, and&nbsp.a silver bowl. This was indeed a ceremony! The Bible tells us that Noah prepared burnt offering whereby the scriptures establish that the “odor delighted the Lord” (Gen 8:21)2. This indicates that Catholic Mass has Biblical reference. Most Christians know about the Law of Moses, but remarkably few understand its link to Catholic Mass. A closer outlook shows that God did not come to pick the faithful or abolish the law but rather fulfill it. (Mat 5:17). Facts about the Law of Moses show that it had a heap of vestments and ceremonies involved in it. Jesus liked teaching in temples. In fact, He loved it and named it “My Father’s House” (Luke 2:49 and John 2:16). This shows that Jesus was into ceremony and even the Heaven talks about a ceremony. In Rev 5:8, twenty-four elders floored in front of the lamb, and they all held golden bowls filled with incense and a harp. The book of Revelation reveals that an angel who appeared in golden censer and stood in front of the altar. This angel received a large quantity of incense during prayers&nbsp.at the altar (Rev 8:3). With reference to the Bible, these are some of the reasons as to why Catholics uphold the spirit of ceremonies. In fact, Book of Revelation gives a description with regard to the Catholic Mass. Revelation gives a lot of emphasis and spiritual attachment to the holy Mass. Catholic Church regards Mass as proper and authentic sacrifice, which is the same as Holy Communion. Anglican churches also offer Mass as proper sacrifice to God. In many churches, the sacrifice of Mass starts with thanking the Lord. In this first part of the Mass, Anglicans give thanks to God because of His blessings, which He has bestowed upon them. The second part of the mass according to Anglican Church entails repenting of sins. Christians plead to the Lord to pardon their sins and purify them in order to offer true and clean sacrifice. Lastly, Anglicans offer themselves as a sacrifice to the Lord who created all the creatures in the earth. Christians participate in celebration of Holy Communion in this part of the Mass. This is what Christians call the Eucharistic sacrifice. Eucharistic sacrifice is the true blood and body of Jesus Christ. There is a contention among churches over the sacrifice of Eucharist. Churches have differed over forms of celebrating this sacrifice. For instance, Catholics have a varied form of offering their Mass. There are many scriptural proofs regarding Mass in Old and New Testaments.

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