Write 1 page with APA style on Read an article in an art magazine then write the summary.

Write 1 page with APA style on Read an article in an art magazine then write the summary. Art Summary Since the Ukrainian crisis erupted in January with police and anti-government protesters engaging in violence, an artist has inserted him in between the pandemonium. Maksim Vegera has established a place in the street where he does oil sketch depicting the skirmishes happening in Kyiv. The artist is largely inspired by barricades that act as the focal point of Ukrainian protests since the days of other artists. These artists have made predictions on walls result to murals such as Kuznetsov’s Mystetskyi Arsenal, Premonition of Civil War by Dali and Koliyivshchyna: The Last Judgment. However, one of the art directors was not amused with some of the artworks (Akinsha & Alisa 1). The depiction of President Viktor Yanukovych as an avenger and the overall reflection of the vicious peasant uprising of the 18th century were not welcome amongst conservatives in the Ukrainian art world.

Another artist corrected foresaw the impending unrest before it happened. Tsagolov’s The Ghost of Revolution explored the struggles between protesters and police while supported by Mykola Ridnyi. Ridnyi displayed police boots roughly sculpted at the PinchkArtCenter and joined other painters in Maidan or Independence Square for street protest. Other anarchist-artists such as Mann and Ivan used rough walls to draw the image of a famous Ukrainian anarchist leader called Nestor Makhno to inspire protests to continue the demonstrations. However, other artists played safe such as Khomenko of the R.E.P group that drew conventional pencil portraits before giving them away. Performances such as the one titled The Kingdom of Darkness is Surrendered that used mirrors compelled police to view at their own reflections (Akinsha & Alisa 2).

Work Cited

Akinsha, Konstatin & Lozhkina, Alisa. “Icons on the Barricades: Incredible Ukrainian Protest Art.” ARTnews 31 Mar. 2014: 1-2. Print.


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