Write 1 page with APA style on Analysis of Cochlear Implants and How to Clean a Fish Writings.

Write 1 page with APA style on Analysis of Cochlear Implants and How to Clean a Fish Writings. Cochlear Implants” and “How to Clean a Fish” as Expository Essays Expository essays describe, narrate, or inform to help readers understand a topic (“The Expository Essay,” 2010). The author can use many methods to do so but they need to focus on one type of organization to suit their intent for writing and the type of information they are giving as shown in “Cochlear Implants” and “How to Clean a Fish.”

Authors who write expository essays show that they know a topic and understand it well by writing about it in a logical and concise manner (“What is Expository,” n.d.). In “Cochlear Implants,” the author demonstrates her knowledge about the device and whether to use it or not by narrating her experience. Since she is writing about personal experience, she uses the narrative and chronological way of writing an expository essay. In contrast, the author of “How to Clean a Fish” intends to share his skills so he develops his essay by describing a process.

Although it is evident that the first essay is developed sequentially, it still uses other methods for its development, such as comparison and contrast, to help readers understand more about what she is narrating. Aside from merely describing a process, the author in the second essay also narrated a personal experience to help readers find practical applications for the process being described. However, the author could not have organized his topic through space order since he needs to focus more on a process rather than an experience.

The goal of expository essays is helping readers understand a topic even if they do not have prior knowledge about it. Hence, the author is free to use different organization and development styles as long as it contributes to this purpose.


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