Write 1 page thesis on the topic personal experience of goinf through terminal cancer.

Write 1 page thesis on the topic personal experience of goinf through terminal cancer. Rosalie Murti Robert Miles English 300 20th September 2008 Today we live in a fast paced society, where all aspects of life are being viewed from the angle of sales and marketing. It is during the struggle for life that we hear about people dealing with incredible sadness and loss and we wonder, ‘how are they able to cope with it’ Where do they find the courage and the strength from We may even ask ourselves how we would feel under similar circumstances. Sadly, we become aware of the answers when the tragedy visits us. Perhaps, we find the answer comes when we ourselves face similar situations. When my father was diagnosed with a terminal cancer, life as we knew it, changed forever. Suddenly we entered a new world, a world filled with helplessness, despair and fear of the unknown. We’d no longer walk around the park, we’d walk the hospital corridors and sit in chemotherapy waiting rooms and felt shocked by the number of people afflicted by cancer. We found out that cancer has no respect for gender, age or wealth. There are people from every race and color, rich, middle class and poor. and none of this made the slightest of difference as far as severity of the disease was concerned. My father too was given a limited life period once the severity of the disease increased. But, despite a prognosis of three to nine months, my father was able to survive for one year and was not bed ridden until four days prior to his death. My journey besides him as he traveled to the end of his life, has taught me many things. above all the true meaning of love and the strength of the human spirit. Our family tried its best to avoid the tragedy, but destiny had something else in store for us. But I feel satisfied for the manner in which my father was looked after during the last days by the health care team of doctors and nurses. At times I could feel how helpless we are in front of the destiny, yet I must thank the almighty for the moments of satisfaction and happiness in our life. My experience has certainly taught me not to take life for granted and to live each day with thanks for the wonderful gift that it is.

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