WORKSHEET FOR EVIDENCE-BASED TUTORIAL (Individual) Name:Florence_Boakai-Payne_____________________ PICO Worksheet and search strategy Define your question using PICO: Population(or patient c

WORKSHEET FOR EVIDENCE-BASED TUTORIAL (Individual) Name:Florence_Boakai-Payne_____________________

PICO Worksheet and search strategy

Define your question using PICO: Population(or patient condition of interest), Intervention, Comparison, Outcomes and Time

P – patient, problem, or population (e.g., age, ethnicity, or gender, type of clinical problem):

Adult patient with post-operative total hip replacement.

I – intervention (the types of clinical intervention):

Making post-operative pain effective on PCA pain medication.

C – comparison (a comparison of interventions) (if applicable):

Comparing prn IM pain medication.

O – Outcome (the type of patient care outcome):

Controlling post-operative pain.

T – Time (if applicable)

Post-operative and recovery time of two weeks.

Write out your PICO question:

In adult patients on Transitional Care Unit with hip replacements, how are Patient Control Analgesics pain medication effective compared to IM pain medication in controlling post-operative pain during their recovery and postoperative time of two weeks?

List the main topics and terms from your question that you can use to search.

_Managing hip replacement pain, better and earlier recovery to prevent chronic stage, how effective is PCA compared to IM meds_______________________________ _______________________________

Check any limits you applied to your search:

Year of publication:_____X_ Sample (such as age):____ Language:____ Other:_____________

Type of study/publication you want to include in your search:

___ Systematic Reviews or Meta-Analyses

___ Clinical Practice Guidelines

___ Critically Appraised Research Studies

___ Individual Research Studies

___ Electronic Textbooks

Check the databases you searched:


___ Cochrane http://wvvw.cochrane.orrg/reviews/

___ ACP Journal Club (probably not your first choice) http://annals.orrg/journalclub.aspx

___ Joanna Briggs

___ Evidence-Based Journals (see what journals cover the topic/population)

___ DARE http://databases.unesco.orrg/dare/dareintro.shtml OR http://portal.unesco.orrg/shs/en/ev.php-URL_ID=12204&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html

___ Clinical Evidence http://clinicalevidence.bmj.comm/ceweb/about/index.jsp

___ PubMed Clinical Queries

___ AHRQ Evidence Reports

___ Guidelines Clearinghouse

Clinical Question and Theoretical Framework

Purpose Asking the right question is a difficult skill to learn, yet it is fundamental to the evidence-based decision-making process. This process begins with a patient question or problem. The PICO question that you previously wrote guides the search process.A theoretical framework provides a basis for understanding the phenomenon of interest (the underlying issue or problem) and connects pieces of evidence into a more cohesive whole.Directions

1. Restate your PICO question. 2.

2. Present the following information about the issue:

Your own observations (personal perspective, what you have seen or heard about this issue)

Suggestions from experts (e.g., CNS, Infection Disease Practitioner)

A preliminary review of the literature

Current practice guidelines (e.g. institutional protocols where you work or that you found in your literature review)

Professional organization that relates to the situation or problem (example: National Gerontological Nursing Association on a PICO question related to elderly patients falls)

3. Identify databases used to search literature related to PICO question

Identify search terms used

Identify years of publication used in limits of the search (It is best last 5 years)

4. Find at least two nursing articles that are relevant to the PICO question

Articles must be a report of a primary research study, meta-analysis, or systematic …

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