West Los Angeles College Heterosexism Discussion


Heterosexism gets regarded as the system of discrimination, bias, and attitudes that support the male-female type of relationships and discourage any other type of relationships. The notion goes further to state the presumptions that the male-female relationships and attractions are superior and the only ones expected within the society (Koppelman, 2020). Even though the nation has achieved significant progress and growth in addressing the persistent non-heterosexual cases of discrimination, a lot is still to be done. Not heterosexual individuals have faced various discrimination in terms of societal standings and are even disowned by immediate family members. Secondly, some organizations have continued to release off duties and not hire individuals who fail to conform to traditional heterosexual relationships. These have been challenging for these particular groups to overcome.

  • Discuss the major differences between sex and gender. Provide at least two examples the fit each category.
  • Think of at least one example of how you experienced gender socialization by one of the major agents (i.e., the family, school, peers, mass media or religion).
  • According to our textbook, what is one explanation for the persistence of the gender gap in income in the US? Do you agree with this explanation?
  • According to our textbook particular cultural beliefs in our society “produce a cultural recipe for rape”. What do they mean by this?

Be sure to reply to a classmate‘s post.

Heterosexist cases have been significantly associated with different religious groups and have continued to sensitize people of the importance of having male-female relationships. These are common because of their preaching regarding their beliefs and societal standings (Koppelman, 2020). Religious groups have so far come out to publicly denounce any other types of relationships that could affect their traditional beliefs.

Sociologists have come up with various findings on the issue of heterosexism over the past couple of years, stating that the conditions are often associated with the ways an individual got raised. These have fundamentally been based on the individual values that these people got raised into ad it affects the beliefs and actions that they are likely to take whole adults (Koppelman, 2020). There are various examples of heterosexual privilege that have continued to affect how people conduct their activities and beliefs. Firstly, the orientation that people have from the time they are born enables children to understand and shoehorn heterosexual narratives. Subsequently, the arguments that individuals do not have to come out of their sexual orientation have continued to influence and encourage heterosexism.


Koppelman, A. (2020). Bostock, LGBT Discrimination, and the Subtractive Moves. Minn. L. Rev. Headnotes, 105, 1.

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