West Coast University COVID 19 Fallacy Discussion

Find an example of a fallacy used in popular advertising or any persuasive text. Upload the image/words or provide a link.

Identify the fallacy and why you think that this particular type of advertisement represents the fallacy that you have chosen.

In addition to your initial post, respond to at least two of your peers’ posts. These responses should address questions, problems, or issues presented in their ad analysis. Please remember to be respectful and appropriate with your analysis of their work. Don’t just agree or disagree; continue the conversation!

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  • Hello professor and class,

Fallacy is seen and used all around us on a day to day basis. Attached is an image of a conversation regarding cancer and smoking cigarettes. Person one claims that people were dying from cancer before the invention of cigarettes implying that smoking does not cause cancer. However, this argument is ridiculously false as science has proved that smoking drastically deteriorates the health of not only your lungs but your body as a whole. This logical fallacy is an attempt at proving that smoking does not cancer. The general public will see this image and a certain few will actually believe the “logic” behind the image. This is informal fallacy as well as the substance of the argument is completely false as stated before and is backed by faulty reasoning with lack of hard evidence. The evidence is just the belief that cigarettes were made even after people were already dying of cancer so that could not be the cause. This also deals with false dilemmas as the argument is presented implying that smoking does not cause cancer with the latter being that it does cause cancer due to smoking. 


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One of the fallacies used in this commercial is an example of the informal fallacy, the appeal to fear (Moore & Parker, 2021).  At 00:16 into the clip, Elder is claiming that Governor Newsom needs to be recalled or his policies “will enable bad schools, high crime, [and] more poverty” which is intended to scare viewers.   Elder also claims the “middle class is leaving” California, insinuating that only the very poor and the very rich will be left behind, no more middle class, which is an example of an informal fallacy called a Red Herring as all of the middle class of California will not be leaving (Moore & Parker, 2021).  At the very end of the clip, Elder claims that “this is a fight for the very soul of California” which is another appeal to fear (Moore & Parker, 2021) as the state of California does not possess a soul.


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