West Chester University Impacts on Youths Eating Habits Discussion

Complete an online search or look up research on the Urban Roots community-based nutrition program that is located in St.Paul, Minnesota. Discuss what you have learned about the program and its impacts on adolecents. How does this program impact health and sustainable eating habits in youths? 

First post :

Urban Roots is an organization in St. Paul whose goal is to nurture and empower young people via environment, healthy lifestyle, and community. Urban Roots has provided paid internships to youth on Saint Paul’s East Side since 1997. Youth interns gain leadership, entrepreneurial, and life skills through the programs like Market Garden, Conservation, and Cook Fresh programs. Market garden program: Interns from the Market Garden plant, maintain, and harvest small-scale food production in the urban gardens. Cook Fresh program: Interns learn about the seasonal foods grown and how to prepare them fresh in the garden. Conservation program: Interns in conservation work to restore green places and connect the community to its natural resources. Every year, 60 young interns, aged 14 to 18, take part in this progressive, tiered programming, which allows them to engage with one another and the world around them.

I learned through the program that engaging young people with nutritious eating has several benefits, including the creation of an informed community that can spread knowledge and provide youngsters with opportunities to find work that promote a healthy lifestyle. I believe that every young person should have the opportunity to participate in a program like this since it allows them to meet new people and experience new activities to things they are scared to try.

This program has a positive influence on adolescents by assisting them in understanding how living a healthy lifestyle may improve their lives by altering their behaviors, which can have a long-term impact on their health and help them prevent numerous ailments in the future. This is all about helping young people to keep their health and to encourage the preservation of the environment, agriculture, and eat organic food to achieve a healthy life.

Second post :

Urban Roots, formerly Community Design Center of Minnesota, was incorporated in 1969 as a 501(c)3. Over the years, we have provided a range of community development services in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and southern Minnesota, including architecture, urban planning, economic development, and organizational development—with a common thread of empowerment, engagement, and innovation. They have operated our food and environmental programs on the East Side of Saint Paul since 1996, engaging thousands of youth in education, training, and work projects that provide service to the community, develop young leaders, and improve health and the environment.

Since 1997, The heart of Urban Roots is our paid youth internship program. Each year, 60 youth, ages 14-21, from Saint Paul’s East Side are employed in our three program areas: Market Garden, Conservation, and Cook Fresh. During the summer these internships provide youth with 8-24 hours/week of paid job experience and training, during the school year, youth meet twice a week after school and are often involved in events on the weekends. Our progressive program model engages youth in career exploration, entrepreneurial ventures, 21st Century job skills, healthy living, community engagement, self-discovery, and more! In both our Conservation and Market Garden programs we also offer volunteering and service-learning for school, corporate, community groups, and individuals.

program impacts health and sustainable eating habits in youths from many aspects first it makes them Market Garden youth interns plant, maintain, and harvest small-scale crop production within their urban gardens. in addition Youth interns learn about the food we grow seasonally and how to prepare it fresh from the garden. also is Conservation youth interns restore green spaces and work to connect the community with their natural resources. All of these things that the program cares about help maintain the health of young people and also encourage them to preserve the environment and agriculture, as well as eating organic food. Communicating with nature and eating from the bounties of nature contribute greatly to the development and development of human health in general. 

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