Wenatchee Valley College Native American Enslavement Essay

Discuss, define, and explain the origin and justifications of Native American enslavement and how Native American labor/slaves were instrumental to the development and formation of European empires in the Americas 

  • Your essay will need to use at least six out of the eight following documents:

Document #1: “Journal of Christopher Columbus (1492)”

Document #2:   “Aztec Human Sacrifice” as illustrated in Extract of Codex Magliabechiano (16th century)

Document #3:  Building of the Santa Barbara Mission (drawing by Alexander Harmer)

Document #4: 

“If you do so, you will do well, and that which you are obliged to do to their Highnesses, and we in their name shall receive you in all love and charity, and shall leave you, your wives, and your children, and your lands, free without servitude, that you may do with them and with yourselves freely that which you like and think best, and they shall not compel you to turn Christians, unless you yourselves, when informed of the truth, should wish to be converted to our Holy Catholic Faith, as almost all the inhabitants of the rest of the islands have done. And, besides this, their Highnesses award you many privileges and exemptions and will grant you many benefits.

But, if you do not do this, and maliciously make delay in it, I certify to you that, with the help of God, we shall powerfully enter into your country, and shall make war against you in all ways and manners that we can, and shall subject you to the yoke and obedience of the Church and of their Highnesses; we shall take you and your wives and your children, and shall make slaves of them, and as such shall sell and dispose of them as their Highnesses may command; and we shall take away your goods, and shall do you all the mischief and damage that we can, as to vassals who do not obey, and refuse to receive their lord, and resist and contradict him; and we protest that the deaths and losses which shall accrue from this are your fault, and not that of their Highnesses, or ours, nor of these cavaliers who come with us. And that we have said this to you and made this Requisition, we request the notary here present to give us his testimony in writing, and we ask the rest who are present that they should be witnesses of this Requisition.”

Document #4:  “The Requerimiento” (1513)

Document #5: “Mining in Potosi” by Theodor de Bry (1596)

Document #6: “Las Castas” (18th century)

Document #7: “Portrait of Pocahontas” (1616)

Document #8: Yamasee War (1715)

  • Thesis: Present a thesis that makes a historically defensible claim and response to all parts of the question. Your thesis must consist of one or more sentences located in the introduction. 
  • Argument Development: Develop and support a cohesive argument that recognizes and accounts for the historical complexity by explicitly illustrating relationships among historical evidence such as contradictions, corroboration, and/or qualification. 
  • Use of Documents: Utilize the content of at least six documents to support the stated thesis or a relevant argument. For every document below the minimum of six quota, 20 points will be deducted from your total score. 
  • Contextualization: Situate the argument by explaining the broader historical events, developments, or processes immediately relevant to the question. 
  • Go Beyond the Visuals of the Documents: This is a history test and not an eye exam so don’t repeat info that is already provided to you in the document or redescribe what the eyes can see. Provide examples or additional historical evidence (key terms/concepts from the reading and online lectures) related to the documents to support your argument.
  • Be Creative with Your Organization/Do Not Provide a List of Document Summaries: Do not use the document # as the topic sentence of your body paragraphs for doing so will make your submission looks more like an itemized list of document summaries. Instead, your topic sentence should highlight/preview a historical theme/idea that your paragraph will discuss. Use the documents as evidence to validate/support the themes you are trying to highlight to answer the essay prompt
  • Do Not Repeat “word for word” and Block Quote What is Already Provided to You in the Document: I am interested in reading your interpretation and summary of the content so please do repeat the content “word for word” and block quote a paragraph of content into your essay. Instead, learn how to paraphrase and summarize the content in your own words and explain to me why they are important to the essay question. In short, I do not want to reread the document “word for word” through your essay. Instead, I would love to see how you summarize and interpret the documents, its relevance, and use them to answer the question being asked. In short, DO NOT “BLOCK QUOTE” (quoting more than 2 lines in your writing). Anything you quote will not count toward the word count. 
  • Proofread Your Essay Before Submission: if there is extra time left on the clock, you should use it to proofread your essay and rearrange your writing to make sure it is organized and presented in a manner that the reader can follow and comprehend. 
  • Don’t Make Excuses: Being an international student, English not a native language, writing is not your strength, history is a hard subject, this is not an English class —-are not valid excuses for lack of preparation and failure to seek help.
  • If you need help understanding the content then it is your responsibility to seek help from me. That is what office hour is for. 
  • If English is not your native language then I recommend utilizing a translator or find someone who is proficient in your family or a tutor from the student center to help. If you are going to complete a history course in an American college then it is your responsibility to learn and master the language before signing up for a course in humanities where reading and writing are required. This is not a math course. There is no universal equation. No numbers for you to calculate. This course is about reading comprehension, critical thinking, and constructing argumentative essays. 
  • While I understand I am not an English instructor and neither do I want to be, this is a college course in history. If I cannot comprehend and follow your train of thought in an online course then it is fair for me to deduct points for your writing. This is not high school. You don’t get credit for showing up. This is a content and skills course which you will have to be proficient at. If you are unable to demonstrate a level of comprehension and writing then you should not receive any partial credit. This is not a child soccer game. You do not get participation points. 
  • Put in the work. If you fail then figure out what you did wrong and fix it. If you need help then simply ask. Avoid making excuses.
  • Citation: A work cited list is not needed because all of your content should be based on lectures and assigned readings only. A simple (Doc #) citation at the end of the sentence in which you discussed the document is sufficient.
  • [Proofread] Please proofread and make sure your essay utilizes at least six documents to answer the essay prompt in a clear, organized, detailed, and cohesive essay format (essay response includes a short introduction including a thesis statement, body paragraphs with supporting evidence, and conclusion statement)
  • [At least 1100 words] Your submission must be at least 1000 words and include specific details, key terms, and contents from class readings and lectures. Any submission with fewer than 1100 words will automatically receive a zero. There is no maximum word cap so feel free to write as much as you think is necessary. 
  • [Include citations of at least six documents] When quoting or citing from a document, a simple in writing MLA/or APA in-text citation at the end of the sentence is sufficient. Any essay that does not include a citation of assigned documents, discuss relevant information/content/key terms beyond the documents and written in a vague and broad manner will not receive partial credit

Prerequisite readings: Chapter 1-4 in Textbook https://openstax.org/details/books/us-history you can read the summary

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