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Separation anxiety

The difficulty separating from parents and or caregiver, often resulting in tears, loud cries with difficulty stopping.  Many time the separation process is as hard on the parents as it is on the children, most often parents will have a hard time letting go and prolong the transition which in fact it is hurting the child more by having the anxiety episode last longer. Small transition periods can be known to be effective in getting children to become a custom to a child having to separate for a parent or caregiver for longer part of the day.  The main advice to parents or caregiver in this separation transition is for them to understand that the child will be fine after a few minutes of crying and it is a natural adjustment period.



Language development

Language development in toddler begins from babbles to the form of actual small words like mom, dad, bye bye. Cooing and babbles are the beginning stages of language development. The noses we hear babies make start to develop into sold sounds and eventually words in toddlerhood. The essential tool in language development is modeling proper language, through story telling or reading books, conversation and even song or rhyme.  It is very easy to fall for baby talk when one is standing in front of a cute baby or toddler, except we may not necessarily understand the harm that may cause a child when proper language is not being molded. At this stage of development children learn and develop their language through what they hear now if words are being pronounced the way we think a child could say them than they child will have a harder time knowing and understanding what proper language is. Language delays may now occur causing the child to possibly need speech therapy.


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