Week 4 – Discussion 2

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Web 2.0 tools (file sharing, cloud-services, etc.) provide ways for us to connect with individuals and share information in almost real time. Describe how you use these tools in your life today. How do you think these tools will work in the future? How will they impact major societal concerns like education, jobs, or the economy? 150 words minimum 

After your primary post, respond to at least two of your classmates’ (2-3 Sentences)

Post 1

Hello Class,

I use YouTube pretty much all the time for things like keeping up with events and news. Sometimes I may not catch the news or I may just hear about certain events from other people so I will type into YouTube and see if they have the latest in what I am looking for and in most cases it does. In the future I am pretty sure not only YouTube but other platforms like Facebook and Twitter will be just as effective if not more. Education, jobs, and the economy will continue to benefit greatly from these tools as they are full of information and ways to stay connected with one another. Upgrades and other things are always happening nowadays so quickly that I do not see them going away anytime soon unless they are being replaced by something better. 

Post 2


   I use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other Web 2.0 tools on a daily basis. I primarily use Facebook to keep in touch with family members I do not normally see and friends that live somewhere far from where I do, as well as looking at and sharing memes. I’m something of a meme master if you will. As far as Twitter goes, I mainly use it to follow sports and to check real time notifications of the latest news around the various sports leagues I happen to watch and enjoy. I normally use YouTube for music videos and how-to video tutorials around the house. I’ve saved a bunch of money just doing things myself with the help of these videos. As far as any cloud services, I just use them to back up photos, videos and files so that I can keep things off my phone because I have limited storage. There are lots of ways Social Media sites can be used in the future. For example, Facebook used to really only be used to follow other people you knew. It’s evolved into so much more. You can even purchase things from the Facebook marketplace. I can see it branching out even more and probably can include a section for employment, almost like LinkedIn in the future. 

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