Week 3 Role Certification Responsibilities of Family Nurse Practitioners Discussion

Post a reflection that addresses a peer’s post following Week #3 discussion.

– A minimum of 150 words .

– Support all posts with at least 2 cited peer review references within 5 years of publication (references cannot be older than 5 years).

– All posts are to be written in APA 6th edition format as required by the university.

Week #3 discussion:

Role, Certification, and Responsibilities of Family nurse practitioners

Becoming a nurse practitioner is not a walk in the park, neither is it practicing medicine upon graduation. This career is all about an intellectual challenge, which begins in nurse practitioner colleges and continues throughout their career. In addition, the nurse practitioner role involves solving life long manifold problems, which makes it incomparable to other healthcare careers (Norwick, 2016). Finally, the nurse practitioner career provides NPs the independence that other healthcare careers do not offer. The independence the role of the nurse practitioner provides signifies the opportunity to adventure to those who decide to pursue it. Some of these nurses work in relative solitude saving several lives.

Family nurse practitioners have numerous roles and responsibilities following their level of competence and skills. Their roles and responsibilities range from referring patients to specialists to coordinating with patients and their families to recording patients’ health history to performing physical examinations, observing and assessing patient symptoms, ordering tests and analyzing results, diagnosing mental and physical health conditions, and developing and administering treatment plans (Hicks & Roberts, 2016). Besides, family nurse practitioners promote health by encouraging healthy exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, track patients’ changes in disease symptoms and their responses to treatment.

To qualify as an FNP, it is important to earn a master’s or doctorate degree in nurse practitioner passed a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX), which is a competency-centered assessment that offers a legitimate and reliable assessment of the entry level clinical proficiencies and experience of nurse practitioners (Fitzgerald, 2017). Additionally, one must have an up-to-date and an operating RN license in a region in the United States.


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