Web Designing Web Site Promotion and Maintenance Discussion & Website Image Paper

Discussion- reply to 2 classmates

Assignment- Typography, Images, Multimedia and Interactivity Elements

Discussion- answer and reply to 2 classmates- 

  • Discussing Promoting & Maintaining a Web Site.( Patrick Antinozzi  (Links to an external site.) and ( 
  • Then by discussing the video and web article (what you liked or did not like or what it reminds you of?)
  • Finally by posting a video that is relevant to “Promoting & Maintaining a Web Site” that you’d like to share using the instructions below.
  •  discussion one – reply to these 2 classmates
  • Luz Preciado-I would say that CANVA is a bit better because it has better context on how graphics work. It also contains many designs and tools to use for a web design which is very cool. Something that also caught my attention was that they have free version and not all good quality software has a free version. I found it interesting how in the video it was mentioned that there is many different ways canva can be used because of all the stuff it has to offer, the video was very descriptionitive about how it works, so it helped me understand a bit more on the way it makes graphic designs work. i will attach a video below that I found interesting based on this topic.and Karla-The image/multimedia web application that I chose would be Canva.  It is a free website where you can create custom templates and designs with a team or share designs anywhere. I have used Canva once before and it is very interesting and easy to manage there are varieties of templates to choose from.  Also choose from different images, texts, audio, video, backgrounds, you can also upload and add photos.  I also learn about Pikochart where it helps you create high-quality infographics and presentations, reports, posters. Yes, I have heard about this application but never have used it but I’m willing to give it try.  I really enjoy reading the articles, articles to me I find them easier to understand because they are straightforward.  Also, the video how it tells us the web browsers and the codes and scripts and of course the links and the page layout of how to create software and displaying multimedia.
  • for discussion 2 – answer prompt and reply to these 2 classmates
  • Karla- Promoting and maintaining a website is very important. The website promotes provides instant communication with customers and increasing incoming traffic and sales.  Developing Brand identity and has to be clean and simple.  No more than 2 CTAs, if they have more it would look like a bad website.  Always keep it fresh and also real language is for real people.  The website also has to be maintained by doing backup frequently should regularly do it weekly. Hire someone who can do the uptime monitoring and decide which browsers are most important to your visitors and your website.  Always do update there are website builders that can help you to do it regularly which are Shopify, Weebly, Wix, Squarespace.  After reading the article, I really liked it but I really enjoy the videos more.  The SEO video I do not know a lot about SEO but after watching the video giving us tips on how to promote a website I understood it better. and laura-   To me Promoting & Maintaining a Web Site i shaving ways to suit the audience you’re producing for like our websites need to have variety andthings to always excite the viewers. and it’s never a bad idea to open up to expanding your teams more bright minds on the front will help liven up the work and contribute work beautiful and orderly. it’s your website so it most be curated to you and a real audience it’s not a simple research paper yes facts and staticsare helpful ,but people want that people at the frontline first. have informative videos or maybe fun animated intros to introduce what you’re site is made of. andwith that point to make sure their are customer service agents ready and available for their needs or conflicts with site. and that may require partnerships orworkshopping possible hires mistakes will happen ,but that doesn’t mean their isn’t a room and time for improvement. The latest article we read : websitemanagement 101: what it REALLY takes to maintain a website by Patrick Antinozzi taught me a lot about call to action and how easy it is to be caughtcopywriting, looking back at the article how it compares websites simple but vital mistake that could off put people to a website I see how simplicity is key andthe vision overall is most important process ,because a simple orange blocked shape website anyone can make but those eight different sites and links won’tmaintain like a simple homepage with two clicks will. simplicity is key and we should all taken in steps to curate our websites to be vibrantly alive like us. 

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