We Need to Talk about AI Movie Analysis Discussion Post

Part 1: Task:

Review the module resources and overview, and select a popular-culture example (television show, commercial, game, movie, etc.). Analyze how technology is represented and the social message conveyed by the example. In your initial post, briefly describe the popular-culture example you selected and address the following:

How does your example portray or reflect technology?

What is the social message or commentary about technology reflected by your example?

How does a study of technology illuminate or enhance your experience of the example?

In responding to your peers, provide feedback about the example utilized and the message/commentary about technology being provided. What would you add to their analysis?

Make sure you support your post and responses by referencing the module resources, and any additional sources as needed.


As the network director and architect, the management team has come to you to with their business goal of creating a secure, accessible, yet cost-effective storage solution. Research some of the storage solutions available and make a recommendation to the director. Provide justification for your cost-benefit analysis.

In your responses, take the role of the network director and accept the proposal or decline it. Whichever stance you take, support your reasoning for your decision.


Provide a status report to your classmates and instructor. Describe any modifications you have made to the project or documentation, whether you encountered any new challenges or identified new risks, and describe the mitigation strategy you implemented for addressing each risk. Are you meeting the objectives identified in your system proposal?

For this discussion, include information about the project status section of your project closure document.

Is your project complete? Did it meet the objectives from your proposal? Were any objectives not fulfilled? State which ones and why. What is the risk?

Did you use any workarounds or shortcuts to keep the project on track? Describe them and whether you recommend that they should be fixed in the future.

How will you communicate the project status to stakeholders?

Additionally, review the sample project status report template provided in this module and discuss how you would tailor it to suit your documentation requirements. If you have chosen another project status template, discuss its benefits over the resource provided.

When preparing your status reports, ensure they are clear and well-written. Engage your classmates in discussions that mimic team dynamics expected in professional real-world IT project environments.

In response to your peers, provide feedback on their progress and suggestions they can incorporate into their documentation or project.

Do you see any potential obstacles they might come up against? If so, what approach can they take to overcome these challenges?

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