We Choose Our Cults Every Day by Sophie Gilbert Article Analysis

With this assignment we will be examining an article with subjectivity (your views on the article). As you read and annotate your article, you will need to decide whether you agree or disagree with what the author is saying. Consider why you feel this way. Does it challenge your beliefs or long-held viewpoints? Maybe you just don’t enjoy the topic? Make notes in the margins that consider your feelings about the article.

Reread the article and focus on the objectivity (the facts surrounding the article) of the content. Did you know anything about the topic before reading the article? Did that knowledge sway you one way or the other? Underline possibly important information and write any questions you have in the page margins about the stated facts. Use a different colored pen or pencil if possible. This will help you to distinguish your subjective and objective notations and will help with your research later.

Now that you have read the article twice, decide whether you think it is effective or ineffective. Write this down at the top of the page.

Decide what type of article this is. Is it meant to provide information? Is it a narrative? Is it persuasive? Is the author trying to compare and contrast something? Or is the article only meant to be entertaining? Does the type of article change your thoughts on the effectiveness? Why or why not? Who is the intended audience? What was the authors purpose for writing this essay?

Conduct research on the author, one of the main ideas, and publisher of the article. Use this information to back-up your claims about the effectiveness of the article. You will find out whether the author has the ethos and logos required to write this article, whether one of the main ideas was as impactful in delivering the authors message, and whether the publisher was the right venue to accomplish the authors goals. NOTE: It is perfectly acceptable if you start by saying the article is effective, but your research caused you to change your stance. In the future, consider whether your own essays are effective or ineffective (it all depends on your audience and the purpose of the essay). What can you do to ensure your message is being reached by the appropriate readers?

https://www.theatlantic.com/culture/archive/2021/06/review-cultish-amanda-montell-language-fanaticism/619165/ Article

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