[SOLVED] Watch, Read, Analyze and Write About Films

Instructions: Watch, Read, Analyze and Write About Films Write a 600-800 word reflection that critically reflects on 2 films and
at least 1 reading per unit. (You can pick any one of the readings below.)
-Film: Persepolis, by Marjane Satrapi, 2008
Reading: : “Naghibi, Nima, and Andrew O’Malley. “Estranging the Familiar:” East” and” West” in
Satrapi’s Persepolis.”
-Film: Bend it Like Beckham, Gurinder Chadha
Reading: “Questions of Identity Cultural Encounters in Gurinder Chadha’s Bend It Like
Beckham” by Guido Rings
Generic Assignment Prompt: Here are some general questions to prompt your critical
reflections.you should use them to guide you as you watch, read, analyze and write about
films/texts in this course.
– What are the central arguments made by the assigned film(s) and reading(s)for the
week, in relation to the subject of migration/immigration or diversity and movement of
peoples and cultures?
– What social/cultural/political/historical issues brought into focus in the films?
– What themes emerge from these films and texts with regard to social justice,
gender/race/nation or global issues in the materials studied?
– How do you connect to these issues/themes personally, and how do the films and
readings help you understand them in new ways (or not)?
Structure of post: You can divide your reflection into 3 (and upto 5) paragraphs ideally
including a brief introduction, a body (main analysis of texts and films) and a brief conclusion.
– Introduction: Make sure to mention the title of the films and the readings you are
reflecting on within the first 1-3 sentences of your reflection. Provide an opening
statement that indicates how you are approaching the course materials, helping the
reader understand what they are about to read.If possible, mention any key insight or
idea from your reflection here.
– Body: The main content of your reflection that focuses on the analysis of the films and
readings, relating them to each other. This can be further a single paragraph or it can be
divided into a couple more paragraphs if you wish.
– Conclusion: Try to end your piece with a central question informed by your reflection,
indicating a direction you would like to explore further in relation to the subject.
– Works Cited: Cite the film and readings within the text and also at the end of your post,
following any commonly accepted format such as Chicago (Notes and Bib or
Author-Date), MLA, APA etc (End citations are excluded from Word count).
– Style: A critical reflection should ideally combine an analytical approach and personal
experience or outlook. It is not mandatory to argue your position like in an academic
essay, but it is required to analyze and reflect on the materials assigned. Do not make
sweeping statements without justification; illustrate your point using
examples/quotes/scenarios from films and/or texts to support your argument. Also
balance the analysis reflecting on both the films and the readings, not just one or the
Watch Analyze and Write About Films
Watch Analyze and Write About Films

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