Walden University Software Development Life Cycle Implementation Discussion Response

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Failing to include nurses in the implementation of SDLC may present various problems to a health facility. For instance, the change may not achieve intended improvements since it may fail to influence nurses’ workflow. Besides, the lack of involvement may delay the adoption of the technology and integrating it into work. The SDLC process may face barriers and in meeting the demands of nursing. Excluding nurses in the initiation stage can result in a lack of signatures. The planning phase may lead to a poor definition of deliverables and project milestones (Singletary & Baker, 2019). Besides, the program can experience failed software development due to the caregivers’ refusal to define requirements. Implementing new technology can be costly since the nurses fail to participate in designing the program. The software developers may establish a system that caregivers cannot test the program. Ensuring nurses’ inclusion in software development can address the challenges through training.

One of the inputs contributing to the selection and planning includes expressing the challenges experienced in identifying the medication requirements. The introduction of computers in the health facility enhanced training on medication labels and models that facilitate care delivery. Being included in decision-making impacted the nursing practice in various ways. For instance, healthcare professionals understand the new technology’s need (Schoville & Titler, 2020). Besides, caregivers participate in the designing software equips them with skills for mitigating risks such as infection prevention. The nurses’ participation in SDLC enables them to embrace the innovations for meeting the health facility’s expectations. Another impact of participating in decision-making includes improved communication between the caregivers and facility management. Therefore, nurses can adapt to the software and enhance their understanding.


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