Valencia College Stoichiometry Practice Questionnaire

Once you have read through chapters 8 and 9 complete the following interactive simulation (Links to an external site.) to test your knowledge.

You will not be submitting this portion for a grade, so although highly recommended it is optional. You can complete the simulation as often as you’d like as it generates new questions every time (until you exhaust the question bank of course)

Step 3: Answer the following questions to the best of your capacity

Partial Credit will be awarded regardless of whether you reach the correct answer, so please attempt every problem. However no credit will be awarded for answers without work, even if the answer is correct.

  1. Calculate the molar mass of glucose (C6H12O6)
  2. How many µg of glucose are produced when 36 µg of carbon dioxide undergo photosynthesis?
    6 CO2 + 6 H2O + light → C6H12O6 (glucose) + 6 O2
  3. The glucose molecules from question 2 are to be consumed by an animal and undergo cellular respiration to make energy in the form of ATP molecules. How many ATP molecules are made from this reaction. C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + 36 ATP (energy)
  4. If it takes approximately 5.92 x 1017 molecules of ATP to flex your toes one time. How many times can you flex your toes with the number of ATP molecules from question 3?
  5. Solid Iron reacts in the presence of oxygen to make Iron (III) oxide. If 50 g of solid iron reacts with 50 grams of oxygen how many grams of iron (III) oxide are produced? How many grams of the excess reagent remain?
  6. Carbon monoxide reacts with iron (II, III) oxide (Fe3O4) making iron and carbon dioxide. When a student performed the experiment he reacted 70.0 g of Fe3O4 with 70.0 g of CO and the actual yield of iron was 41.9. Calculate the percentage yield.
  7. The reaction below consistently yields 82% of the theoretical value. If you need to make 10 g of Mg(OH)2 How much Mg3N2 (g) should you use (assume that you will use H2O in excess).

Mg3N2(s) + H2O(l) → Mg(OH)2(s) + NH3(g)

Step 4: Create 5 quiz type questions

By this point in the semester you should be familiar with how I ask questions, and once you have completed the previous two steps in this assignment you will also be familiar with the concepts in chapters 8 and 9 enough to make your own quiz-style questions.

Take the time to create 5 quiz-style questions. The 5 questions must be a mix of multiple choice, free response, fill in the blank, matching, categorizing, or numerical. You can include no more than 2 questions of the same type (ei 2 multiple choice or 2 free response)

Step 5: Submit your assignment

You will only be submitting steps 3, where you answered the 7 stoichiometry practice problems, and step 4 where you created 5 quiz-style questions.

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