UWB Scientific Ethos & Cinematic Zombie Outbreak in Fictional Narratives Questions


There are four analysis papers throughout the quarter. Each paper poses a number of specific questions, which will vary from paper to paper and reflect our current class focus. The prompts will be posted to the assignment website. The papers will vary slightly in length given that the prompts will differ. Most papers will run about 6-10 pages. There are usually 6 questions per paper and each question takes about a page or so to answer. Each question includes a detailed rubric for scoring. Please read these to know exactly what is being asked of your answer.


You should follow APA guidelines for citation and formatting practices. Please review the student conduct code (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) regarding plagiarism before submitting your work, as any assignments that evidence academic misconduct will receive a grade of 0.0. Be careful about sharing your ideas or drafts with others, as all parties involved in a plagiarism case will receive no credit.


1. Find a speech or written editorial and analyze it in terms of its appeals to logos, pathos, and ethos. In your answer, you should summarize the speech or text’s core argument and provide a link. Define logos and show where the text includes appeals to logos. Define and pathos and show where the text includes appeals to pathos. Define ethos and show where the text includes appeals to ethos. Finally, render a judgment. Was this particular mixture of logos, pathos, and ethos effective or not?

2. Find a written or oral debate and analyze it in terms of clash over claims. In your answer, you should summarize the debate and provide a link. Next, identify two clash points in the debate. For each clash point, you should identify the opposing arguments, classify them (fact, definition, value, or policy), and explain why these two arguments clash with one another.

The debate you analyze needs to have at least two sides directly responding to each other (not an article in favor of something and another article on the same topic, but unaware of the original author). For example, the debate can be between two writers advancing opposing editorials in a paper. You can listen to some of the policy debates at Intelligence Squared (https://www.intelligencesquaredus.org/debates (Links to an external site.)). Many IQ2 debates are 90-minutes, but some are closer to 45 minutes. Smash Boom Best offers 30-minute debates, but it is aimed at a younger audience (https://www.smashboom.org/episodes (Links to an external site.)).

3. Summarize Dr. Ceccarelli’s argument in the article, “Scientific ethos and the cinematic zombie outbreak: Science in fictional narratives.” Each section of the chapter should get a few sentences. Conclude with a paragraph explaining your personal response to Ceccarelli’s central question, “What does the portrayal of the scientist in contemporary zombie movies tell us about the way we think about scientists in our modern world?”

4. We watched the documentary, The Illusionists: A film about the Globalization of Beauty. Summarize the film’s core argument. Next, identify an mediated example of beauty (an advertisement, for example) and discuss it in terms of one concept from the documentary. For your example, include a link and/or a picture/screenshot of the example. Finally, did you find the documentary convincing? Why or why not?

5. Define and explain the “digital divide” concept. Next identify, provide a link, and summarize a recent (since 2018) news article reporting on a specific digital divide (local, national, or international).

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