Utica College Nursing Workflow Management Discussion

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Throughout my career as a nurse, I can honestly say that not many of my managers have stepped up and jumped “into the trenches” to help with workflow. However, one time I do remember one of my managers taking a computer and helping with passing medications and charting vital signs. This made me have a greater respect for her as a manager as I saw her for the first time as one of us and not just a manager behind a desk.

Reflecting on a time when I was given the role of relief charge, when I was also fairly new to nursing made me feel somewhat insecure. My first thought was “oh my goodness, I hope nothing goes wrong today”. However, the first day went by and everything worked out fine and after several months of doing the job it was easier and easier. The lack of experience at the time made me feel insecure, however as time went on and I gained more experience on the job I felt more secure in my role and was able to overcome different challenges that came my way.

Leadership is a gift; however, I don’t agree that you either have it or you don’t. I feel that some people are better leaders than others, I do feel that it can be a behavior that is learned or formed over time. In nursing, nurses become leaders without realizing sometimes through experience. When new nurses start, they often look to the more experienced nurses for help and guidance. Preceptors are considered a leadership role and can help shape and form new nurses on the unit. While I agree that some people are innate leaders, leadership training should always be implemented in areas of different competencies. While some are good with people they may not be as good or up to date on rules, laws, and governance and these are skills that can be taught (Sonnino, 2016, p. 22). A simple internet search provided multiple courses one can take to develop leadership skills and this nurse thinks that should be part of the process of becoming a leader and should also have continuing education to stay up to date as well along with proven experience in a leadership role.


Sonnino, R. (2016). Health care leadership development and training: Progress and pitfalls. Journal of Healthcare Leadership, 8, 19-29. https://doi.org/10.2147/jhl.s68068

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