USF Impact of Teleworking During Coronavirus Pandemic Essay

Essay Discussion Question
How has the pandemic impacted on the extent and nature of teleworking and home-working (remote working)? Discuss the negative issues emerging because of such forms of work. Explain which of these negative issues you see as being the most important and why.

Key Words
Trends of Global Business Management, Organizational Structuring/Management, Post-COVID Development, Business Sustainability & Wellbeing, Business Models, Technologies, Innovations.

Backgrounds of the Study
This session considers the changing face of technology in both the historical and contemporary contexts. It reviews debates about the implications of automation, new technology and robotics in terms of the future of organisations as well as employment and the management of people at work. The manner in which technology changes organisations and work is significant but the nature of technological change has also become a form of fetishism and discourse that sometimes ignores the problems and challenges it brings.  

The nature of change and the transformation of organisations is due to a range of economic, political and ideological factors. The way they are regulated and conditioned by the state can vary across time. Yet the role of key external shocks and ruptures in historical terms is important. For example, the Second World War (1939-45) played an important part in the emergence of a more organised and bureaucratic system of capitalism as did key revolutionary events throughout the 20th Century. The crisis of the state in the 1970s challenged this model and gave rise to a new form of neoliberal capitalism that emphasised market relations (although the role of the state was key in these through new forms of intervention). The financial crisis of 2008 plus the current health related COVID 19 crises need to be addressed in the way they may change organisational trends. The question, though, is how? Will there be less state intervention or more? Will there be more decentralisation organisationally or less? Will there more a greater push to robotization or less? What ideas and trends will emerge?  

Questions can be discussed in the essay:
–    How does teleworking and homeworking affect different groups in different ways?
–    What do such developments mean in terms of surveillance and control – and what problems may emerge for employees from this?
–    How can these trends and developments be sustainable and supported by employers?

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VIDEO: Economist Stiglitz on Covid-19 Impact on Jobs, Government Stimulus, Supply and Demand

(the role of the state and economic support is discussed in this video)

VIDEO: How covid-19 could change the financial world order | The Economis 

(the geopolitical consequences are discussed in this video)

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