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After you have read through the web-lesson and browsed through the URLs, familiarize yourself with the following three questions at the bottom of the page. Then, focus on the question corresponding to the student discussion group to which you have been assigned on the “guidelines” link, and formulate your response.

Your response should identify important points, approximately 2 to 3 paragraphs. The discussion questions are broad and you are not expected to answer the entire question, you are however, expected to provide a thorough response to a portion of the question and to bring up new points of information. Please do not repeat information that has already been posted.

Part 1:question Discuss your thoughts on how some artists choose to be controversial and shocking while other choose to be more subtle. How do you feel about the effectiveness of each and the use of colour by each?


1- I think it’s a really good thing that artists choose to be controversial and shocking. Art can be really powerful and when an artist decides to represent something bold and controversial in their work, it can make a big impact. In the powerpoint it says that the artist Montoya’s artistic goal is to give a voice to the voiceless. That really stuck out to me. it’s so important for the artist to represent controversial or shocking topics because they aren’t alone. Odds are, if they are making art about it, than other people are struggling with the same issue. So it’s important that they speak up when other people can’t.I think that there’s also something beautiful about subtlety in art. I love both approaches to art. Sometimes when the message is subtle it takes a lot more thought and processing of the situation being depicted. It depends on the topic, but I think with being bold and shocking the message is pretty straightforward. If the artist takes a more subtle approach, it sometimes can be interpreted by the viewer wrong. Which isn’t always a bad thing, it’s good to get other insights and opinions. However, you don’t want people completely misinterpreting your message. Hopefully, If done right, the message should still come across! I personally love how powerful art can be. I enjoyed this powerpoint. I felt like it was very insightful. Before this, I had really never seen much Chicano/Chicana art but it’s so important to their culture. It’s cool to see art from other cultures.

2-I absolutely love looking at art, cause I am so bad at it haha. But it is so amazing how every single artist portrays themselves differently through color, pattern and/or texture. I’m currently studying abroad in southern Spain, and I was lucky enough to visit the Pablo Picasso museum a few days ago in Malaga, the city he is from. Picasso’s use of color is so powerful and it’s really cool that his work perfectly ties in with the topics that we have been talking about in class. Picasso is the definition of controversial and shocking. Some of his pieces were created during times of war and conflict, so the way that he portrayed the world around him through his art is amazing. There are valuable tones of color and structure in every single piece. What is so amazing about Picasso’s story is that he mastered so many different types of art in such a short amount of time. He was able to truly express himself and the world around him through the use of darker tones, neon colors, converging lines and very little detail at some points. I think that all artists are very talented, but especially those who “sway” a little from the norms. Art and color can be extremely powerful, when used correctly, it can change perspectives, influence change and even become history.

3- I believe that one of the strongest cultural identities created is one where everyone is united in a society. And one of the greatest threads that we can create is through art. The primary reason for this is because through art, we are able to create bonds through one of our most powerful senses, sight. However, I do not believe that the colour is relevant for this form of identity. Bringing back to the old days of when the way that art was made was by chalking in different symbols, also known as hieroglyphics. They did not focus on colors, rather focused on creating symbols that would help to depict a sort of story that they wanted to send off. It is also this kind of story that could be passed down, creating a cultural identity that the children could pass on for their descendents.

Along with this, people who have these strong tight bonds create a cultural identity that helps them hold these bonds with their friends. That is why art is a great way to create these bonds. It’s because even without using color, you are able to tell a story and to hold a story that you can show to other people, whether it’s to your friends, family, etc. There are many different ways of creating a cultural identity besides art, of course, howevver, art is just simply a super easy way to send off your stories since you can have people who can talk about it while having a picture that you can send as well.

However, to add to the colour issue, the Chicano did use a lot of color to also show off pathos and to help add to the stories that they were adding. Yet, I still do not think that it is super necessary to have color in order to have the story that you want to send shown.

4- While looking at V. Kim Martinez’s “Women of Color” series, one main similarity between all of the pictures is that all of the women are portrayed as athletic and in action. For the in-action part of the artwork, all of the women are shown in dynamic poses. They aren’t just standing around waiting for something to happen they are moving and making things happen themselves. This is similar to the recommended comparison Robert Longo’s Men in the Cities, where all the people are moving around.

The other part that I noticed is how all the women are portrayed to be incredibly strong. A lot of artwork tends to depict women as delicate and portrays them in a way that says they matter because they are visually appealing. In contrast this artwork shows that they are more than that, that they are capable of doing things for themselves and can take charge and lead their own lives.

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