University of Washington Seattle Campus Cyber Security Assessment Questions & PPT

TP: Cyber Security Assessment

TP: Cyber Security Assessment

Each student can select his or her team that consists of three students. A group of fewer than three students requires the instructor’s approval. Each team will use an instructor-approved topic relevant to the course.

The paper must be no less than 6-7 pages. We required you to use the paper template from EDSIG/CONISAR, the international conference standard. The instructor may recommend the best papers in this course to conferences with your team’s approval. If necessary, the instructor may require more revisions after the course is over. However, the paper submission is optional and has nothing to do with your course grade. 

We will provide you three report templates and one presentation template. The file name consists of team project number, team number, and the list of your team members. For example, “TP01 T03 Sam John Mark.”

  • TP01 for the proposal – “TP01 T0X Author1 Author2 Author3.docx”
  • TP02 for the progress report – “TP02 T0X Author1 Author2 Author3.docx”
  • TP03 for the final report – “TP03 T0X Author1 Author2 Author3.docx”
  • TP04 for the final presentation slide – “TP04 T0X Author1 Author2 Author3.pptx”

As in any scholarly writing, students should not merely copy information from another author. Students should use evidence to support the contentions they have drawn from their findings and critically analyze related literature. In essence, each paper needs to be an analytical paper, not a summary of readings.

In addition, a team presentation slide is required.

  • The presentation consists of 15+4 slides: 15 slides for content and 4 slides for cover, agenda, key reference, and Q&A.
  • The PPT template is provided. Your team can change design and color for your team’s purpose.
  • If necessary, a presentation video (15 minutes) may be requested.
  • If necessary, a demo video (a maximum of 1-2 minutes) may be requested. But, the demo time should be included in the total presentation time (15 minutes).

The following two resources are useful to improve your report:

The following two resources are useful to improve your presentation slides:

Four submissions are required according to the following schedule:

  • Proposal (1 page; 30 points) – Starting (Module 1) & Ending (Module 3)
  • Progress (3-4 pages; 70 points; graded after the proposal has been submitted) – Starting (Module 4) & Ending (Module 7)
  • Final Report (6-7 pages; 70 points; graded after the progress has been submitted) – Starting (Module 8) & Ending (Module 10)
  • Final PPT (15+4slides, 30 points; graded after the final report has been submitted) – Starting (Module 8) & Ending (Module 10)

Students are expected to use the assigned readings, videos, and other materials throughout the quarter. Students will need to utilize additional sources that were not assigned by the professor. While stylized after an industry report, nonetheless, students are expected to employ APA formatting of citations, footnotes, and bibliography. Students must cite the sources of all ideas, facts, and information used that are not their own, even if they have put the information into their own words. Failure to do so is plagiarism, although the oversight is unintentional.To avoid plagiarism, check

Project Description: Cyber Security Assessment

Students will perform a cybersecurity assessment of an environment they are familiar with. The environment can be where they work or other business.

Students must be sure not to divulge any proprietary information or the name of the business if evaluating either a current or previous work environment. If it is not possible to evaluate a current or previous work environment, students will assess an organization they may have had experience with, whether that is a business, medical environment, or even a retail store.

Students must get permission from the targeted organization before performing a security assessment.

The assessment should be based on the CIA security model and cover as many components of an enterprise cyber network, as is possible. The assessment is passive only and will not include any attempted intrusions or other active components.

Report Contents:

  1. Cover Page
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Project Scope
  4. Project Requirements
  5. References

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