University of The Cumberlands Project Risk Managemen Article Review

After reviewing/reading Chapters 7 & 8 of the textbook, access UC’s online Library and conduct research within the “Business Source Premier (EBSCO Host)” search engine and locate a Project Management Journal article among the thousands of journal articles made available within the many years of publications the Library holds.  The Project Management Journal article should tie directly into at least one highlight from the assigned chapters (Chapters 7 & 8) reading/review material for the week.  This weekly research paper should include at least 3 pages, but not more than 3 pages, in the narrative and it should be typed in APA formatting (title page, reference page, no abstract page, double-spacing, Times New Roman 12 font, 1 inch margins, in-text citations, etc…). 

Your paper should contain the following headings:

  •     Introduction
  •     Summary of the article
  •     Relevant points made by the author
  •     Critique of the article
  •     Application of the concepts in the article
  • Refer Chapters 7 and 8  from book Larson, E. (2021). Project Management – The Managerial Process, 8th Edition, ISBN: 9781260238860

Chapter 7: Managing Risk

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe the risk management process
  2. Understand how to identify project risks
  3. Assess the significance of different project risks
  4. Describe the four different responses to managing risks
  5. Understand the role contingency plans play in risk management process
  6. Understand opportunity management and describe the four different approaches to responding to opportunities in a project
  7. Understand how contingency funds and time buffers are used to manage risks on a project
  8. Recognize the need for risk management being an ongoing activity
  9. Describe the change control process

Chapter 8: Scheduling Resources and Costs

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the differences between time-constrained and resource-constrained schedules
  2. Identify different types of resource constraints
  3. Describe how the smoothing approach is used on time-constrained projects
  4. Describe how leveling approach is used for resource-constrained projects
  5. Understand how project management software creates resource-constrained schedules
  6. Understand when and why splitting tasks should be avoided
  7. Identify general guidelines for assigning people to specific tasks
  8. Identify common problems with multiproject resource scheduling
  9. Explain why a time-phased budget baseline is needed
  10. Create a time-phased project budget baseline

I Dont have a book but here are the content and this might give you idea for what sort of topic to be selected. 

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