University of Phoenix Importance of Vaccination for Children Responses

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Healthy People 2020 is an organization that aims to improve the health of all Americans. They provide awareness of health related issues and how to prevent them nationwide. Hence the name, leaders of Healthy People make goals for the public’s health in the next ten years and explain in detail how they plan to achieve the important and life sustaining health goals. According to Healthy People, the way health indicators are selected is by examining the major health determinants (Healthy People, 2020). The leaders of Healthy People establish health goals based on those and organize ways they can help American’s achieve those. The Leading Health Indicator topic that most applies to my job as a pediatric psychiatric nurse is the topic of mental health. According to the Healthy People Mental Health page, the leading health indictors include looking at suicide rates and how often Major Depressive Disorder happens in children and adolescents (Healthy People, 2020). This government organization is trying to reduce the incidents of Major Depressive Disorder in the people under the age of eighteen and working to reduce suicide rates everywhere. I believe this organization is doing powerful work and look forward to seeing what happens in the future.

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Healthy people 2020 is know for setting 10 year goals in order to improve the health of Americans. A major focus is preventative health services and/or education. The leading health indicators are selected by determining high priority health issues and actions that can be taken to prevent them. These health goals must be measurable.In my community vaccine hesitancy is top priority which is under the umbrella of clinical preventative services. Vaccine-hesitant individuals tend to cluster geographically (Vasudevan, L., et al 2021). There are many families in the district that are either not vaccinated, or under-vaccinated. When they get to the school system they are required to have these required vaccinations unless they have an exemption. It can be frightful for a child to all of a sudden receive several vaccines at once, and have to go back every few months for boosters. This fear can last throughout a lifetime. These vaccines should have been given a long time ago when they were babies. Unfortunately they have to play “catch up” in kindergarten when vaccines are the scariest. I feel if parents were educated on the importance of vaccines, and keeping up with them then they would make better choices for their children. Many parents are also unaware that they are able to refuse vaccines when their children are too young for school, but once they enter a school building those vaccines are required.

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