University of North Texas Emerging Adulthood Discussion

Welcome to discussion board #7! Our content this week will be covering Chapter 7: Emerging and Early Adulthood.

Historically, early adulthood spanned from approximately 18 (the end of adolescence) until 40 to 45 (beginning of middle adulthood). More recently, developmentalists have divided this age period into two separate stages: Emerging adulthood followed by early adulthood. Although these age periods differ in their physical, cognitive, and social development, overall the age period from 18 to 45 is a time of peak physical capabilities and the emergence of more mature cognitive development, financial independence, and intimate relationships.

Answer & respond to the following prompt(s) below:

  1. On page 246 & 247, Emerging Adulthood is defined as the “age of identity exploration”, the “age of instability”, the “age of self-focus”, and the “age of possibilities”. Of these, which one do you sense currently defines your personal experience of emerging adulthood? If you are beyond emerging adulthood, which one defined your season of emerging adulthood? Look table 7.4 on page 275; which of the “Big Five Personality Traits” best fits your personality currently?
  2. On page 283 it says, “Being single is the most common lifestyle for people in their early 20s, and there has been an increase in the number of adults staying single. In 1960, only about 1 in 10 adults age 25 or older had never been married, in 2012 that had risen to 1 in 5 (Wang & Parker, 2014).” Table 7.6 on page 283 lists reasons for staying single. Can you think of any reasons that you have observed in yourself and in your peers as to why more adults are staying single? Is this a good thing for our culture? A bad thing? Why or why not?

As always, I look forward to reading your responses! You will need to make an initial post (at least 500 words) to the assigned prompt.

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