University of Georgia Module 5 Health and Medical Discussion Response

Respond to each post with at least 150 words per part

part 1

The social media campaign that I chose is problems related to pregnancy and delivery complications. The organization that supports this campaign is Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the campaign is called Hear Her. It is a nation wide campaign with the target audience being women in their child bearing years. However, at the same time, it is informative for men and women of any age to understand the problems and complications that can come with pregnancy and birth and how to better support pregnancy and postpartum for the women around them. I reviewed the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Hear Her is working towards policy change in a sense. The CDC website states “Women know their own bodies better than anyone and can often tell when something does not feel right. The campaign seeks to encourage partners, friends, family, coworkers, and provider – anyone who supports pregnant and postpartum women – to really listen when she tells you something doesn’t feel right. Acting quickly could help save her life” Many detrimental and life altering problems that can come from pregnancy can be prevented, and this campaign strives to allow women to feel comfortable to speak and be heard if something feels wrong.

Hear HerHear Her Facebook

“HEAR HER Campaign.” enters for Disease Control and Prevention, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 14 Sept. 2021,


Social media has become a substantial platform used for campaigns as they help to target a specific audience, relay a message, and educate on a matter. The social media campaign I have chosen to evaluate is the #LoveYourCervix campaign. The specific issue targeted through this campaign is cervical cancer. Cervical cancer starts in the cells that line the cervix. The cervix is the lower portion of the uterus located at the top of the birth canal. The cervix is made up of two parts, interior and exterior, which means there are two types of cervical cells. The exterior of the cervix is known as the exocervix which is visual during a speculum exam, the exterior of the cervix is covered in squamous cells. The interior of the cervix is known as the endocervix which leads into the uterus, the endocervix is covered with glandular cells. Cervical cancer is screened through a procedure called a pap smear which is the collection of cells from your cervix.

The #LoveYourCervix campaign was created by the Public Health Wales which is a national public health agency located in the city of Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, United Kingdom. The Public Health Wales was established in 2009 as part of restructuring their health services.

The #LoveYourCervix campaign has a targeted healthcare audience of patients or individuals that engage in social media for information. Specifically targeting the population of women with the demographic age between 25-64 in Europe and 21-65 in the United States. The campaign does not discriminate against race or ethnicity, although the Public Health Wales does state in their campaign “if you have a cervix but are registered as male, we will not be able to invite you for screening due to current limitations of our database” (Wales).

The #LoveYourCervix campaign was launched on several social media platforms but the three I used and located easily were Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These three social media platforms are some of the largest and widely used across the world. According to the textbook “68% use Facebook, and of those 74% of the users access the network every day” (Edmunds et al., 2019).

The campaign is an individual behavior change based campaign; their goal is to promote behaviors that lead to improved individual health resulting in improved overall public health.

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Edmunds, M., Hass, C., & Holve, E. (2019). Chapter 4. Healthcare social media for consumer informatics. In Consumer informatics and digital health: Solutions for health and health care (pp. 61–83). essay, Springer.

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