University of Florida Promoting Positive Development Among Youth Analysis

Discussions are graded on:  breadth (number of concepts and ideas discussed, two paragraphs posted per reading of a minimum of 2 readings – or 1 if only 1 assigned that unit), depth (application of ideas in reading to your own work, synthesis across readings or across course units), and extent of interaction with others in your discussion group.  Questions follow to help start the discussion for this unit for the first person to post.  

Answer both sets of questions below. 

1) Pinckney et al. (2020) and Lesser et al. (2015) describe rites of passage programs (ROPPs) for youth who are Black (10 programs compared on several dimensions) and Latino (1 program only described), respectively. List and define/describe 2 noteworthy (according to how meaningful they are to your research or practice area of interest) components of these ROPPs in detail. (Note: the 2 components can include aspects of the MP 360 program described by Lesser and/or 7 elements in the findings of Pinckney and colleagues.) What makes these components meaningful to your area of research/practice and how might you incorporate them into your current work?

2) This question pertains to Pink et al. (2020) Kicking Goals Together program and Holt et al. (2017) models in Figures 1 and 2 of the Pink et al. article. Of the two pathways proposed by Holt et al. (2017), which pathway do you prefer in explaining how youth PYD outcomes result from program participation? (explicit or implicit pathways see p. 2 for description) Justify your answer. Moreover, which model do you think has been emphasized most so far in the course materials and why do you believe this to be the case?    

The goal of the get your life program is to help graduating military dependent and civilian worker youth living overseas obtain the necessary tools needed to be successful to get in college and be successful. The program will provide resources to youth to explore colleges as those students in the states have access to. Youth will learn hard and soft skills to help them to adjust to no longing living oversea but within the United States. The impact of living overseas has great differences on youth especially if they have been oversea for long periods. The program can be adapted to meet the needs of any indivuals from those who wish to go to university, community, trade school, and even joining the armed forces.Overarching Project Goal/Planned Approach (500 words maximum):  Create a program that can be utilized by the United States military youth programs to help youth reach academic goals after graduating high school, by providing them with resources that needed to develop skills.

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