University of California Los Angeles Theories of Public Organization Discussion


The second and final paper in the assignment picks up where the first paper stops.

In the second paper you will be making connections with the new theory covered in Sessions 5-8 and you will making practical suggestions for building and maintaining a collaborative system. Since the second paper picks up where the first paper stops, you need the instructions from the first paper. You are still acting as an advisor for a generic public organization that has become overly insular and siloed. In the first paper you used material through Session 4. This material tended to be more theoretical in order to lay a good foundation for action. Sessions 5-8 material, though still containing theory that needs to be addressed, is much more practical in the sense that it provides contemporary ways to use theory in tangible actions. So, what you need to do is continue on as the advisor to the organization and use material from Sessions 5-8 to more fully describe actions you recommend them taking. This by necessity would be prescriptive. It could also be normative as you could have actions based in organizational values.

Cited use of course material is also expected in this paper. The two papers together will comprise the justification and recommendations for change presented to the organization you serve as a consultant.

Assignment Details

  • Length: 5 pages (exclusive of title and reference page)
  • APA style for all citations
  • Word, 12 point, double-spaced
  • The professor uses the rubric as a guide for examining papers. The rubric helps students with the addressing content within the paper. The professor may deviate from the rubric if desired, but these are each important areas for students to address within the paper.

Rubric for Written Assignments

A (90-100) The essay is exceptional in every way. The essay is well organized and all claims are supported. It begins with a solid introduction, is followed by body paragraphs that contain clear topic sentences with clear and detailed support, and ends with an effective conclusion. Content is thorough and lacking in no area. There are no (or few) errors in tone, format, mechanics, grammar, and content. APA citation and writing conventions are followed virtually error free.

B (80-89) The essay is above adequate in most areas. In the areas where it is not above adequate, it is still entirely acceptable. The majority of the essay is clear, focused, and well detailed, but there may be a few areas requiring further development. While it may contain a few errors with tone, mechanics, grammar, and/or content, these errors are not egregious enough to detract from the overall point presented. APA citation and writing conventions are largely followed with some errors present.

C (70-79) The essay is adequate in most areas but exceptional in none. The writing is clear although lacking in both control and command. Organization may be problematic but can be fixed. The paragraphs provide support but are generally underdeveloped. There may be multiple errors in tone, format, mechanics, grammar, and content, but these errors do not, for the most part, detract from the overall writing. APA citation and writing conventions are not consistently followed.

F (0-69) The essay is lacking in a majority of areas. It is generally unorganized and unfocused. The writing is not clear in a significant portion of the essay. Most of the essay is underdeveloped. There are frequent errors in tone, format, mechanics, grammar, and/or content that distract from the content being provided and understood. There are significant problems throughout the written product. APA citation and writing conventions contain significant errors or is not followed. The failing paper can have a wide range of gradations on the issues mentioned above.

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