University of California – Los Angeles Sleep Rhetoric Analysis

The first draft has 1000 words, and please revise the draft by the following requirement,

1. Add a title and have a thesis statement in the first paragraph.
2. In each paragraph, go over and add some relevant examples. You have done well in some parts providing examples.
3. Develop some other aspects in analyzing persuasiveness.
4. Think about the limitations of their arguments.
5. Who would be the target audience?

You can also consider the following questions:

What is the writer’s purpose in writing the texts?

What kind of situation is the text responding to?

Who is the writer? What is the author’s background information?

How does the writer establish his or her credibility?

What is the writer’s attitude toward the subject?

How do you know this from the source?

Who is the primary audience?

Who is the secondary audience?

What is the major argument and how is it being built? (Discuss how rhetorical devices, for example, Logos, Pathos, and Ethos are used effectively to support the author’s claims.

What other arguments or perspectives are represented?

What is the genre of the texts and what are some of the characteristic features that are expected?

What are the characteristics or patterns that you identified in the text?

Is the text effective and persuasive in communicating the main point to the audience?

Note: You must explicitly use the terms logos, pathos, and ethos in your paper.

Your paper, because it is a rhetorical analysis, should include:

  • A brief explanation of why these three texts are interesting/worth examining, and how they relate to one another
  • Claim as to whether the texts are effective or ineffective, based upon elements of their rhetorical strategy. Provide some evidence of your thoughts from the texts.
  • A summary of the texts’ main ideas
  • Presentation of key points in the text’s rhetorical strategies for persuading its audience*
  • Explanation of which points are most crucial to the argument’s effectiveness/ineffectiveness
  • At least 3-4 pages or more (around 1000-1200 words) in length
  • double spaced with one-inch margins
  • 12 points font size
  • MLA format (no title page, 4 lines with heading upper left of the first page, last name/page # in upper right of each page)

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