Unit3Disc1 DUE 10.21.2019 System Culture Chapter 6 of your textbook addresses the concept of multiple levels of “client” including the individual client and a system of organizations, referral sources

Unit3Disc1 DUE 10.21.2019

System Culture

Chapter 6 of your textbook addresses the concept of multiple levels of “client” including the individual client and a system of organizations, referral sources, reporting agencies, and reviewers or billing agencies.

In your initial post to this discussion, describe what is meant by a “system culture.” What are some of the ethical dilemmas that a provider, supervisor, or manager might encounter when working with a system in relation to the needs of an “identified client?” What are some of the potential ethical dilemmas when working with issues of mandatory reporting or with managed care or third-party payment agencies? Cite references from your text or other sources to support your post.


Ethical and Cultural Factors

Review the Riverbend City multimedia piece about the family with a Bosnian immigrant father and the article by Vojvoda, Weine, McGlashan, Becker, and Southwick (2008) about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in Bosnian refugees from the studies for this unit.

Then discuss the ethical considerations that would exist in working with the family portrayed in the multimedia piece.

What culturally sensitive factors would the human services provider need to consider in working with this family’s issues and needs?

How would the perspectives of the children differ from the perspectives of the parents?

Support your discussion with content from the article and the course text.



The real world abounds with complicated situations where ethical behavior requires careful judgment.

In this activity, you will assume the role of a case manager at Curt Swann Middle School, a public school in Riverbend City, a mid-sized city in the Midwest.

A teacher at Swann has reported that Petar Cimirot, a 13-year-old boy in their English class, came to class early this week with bruises visible on his arm.

As it happens, you know the family somewhat. Petar’s mother, Sarah Cimirot, is a key member of Swann’s Booster Club, and is well-liked by school staff for her fundraising work on behalf of the school. You are not as well-acquainted with Petar’s father, Daris, but you know that he was born in Bosnia and came to Riverbend City as an immigrant in the 1990s.

Your task in this position is to evaluate the situation and determine the best resources to help the family. The first step is to talk to Petar.

Scenario 1

Petar Cimirot

I’m not in trouble, am I?

My arms are OK. They don’t hurt. It’s no big deal. My dad kind of grabbed my arms when he was talking to me, and he’s a real strong guy. he just has strong hands.

It really wasn’t a big deal. I have an app for my ipad that’s like a drum machine. I like to mess around with it and make beats. Usually I have my headphones on when I’m messing around with beats, but the other day I didn’t have them around so I just used the speaker in the ipad. It doesn’t have very good bass, so you have to kind of crank it for the beats to sound any good.

Anyway, I should have been more careful about it. I was in the dining room and my dad was in the living room watching soccer and I guess I had my beats playing too loud. He told me to turn it down and I didn’t and then he came into the room and just kind of grabbed me by the arms and told me to knock it off. Like I said, he’s got super strong hands. I don’t know. I feel bad about it. I should have known not to be so loud- it’s always a big deal when he can watch the Bosnian national team play on TV. I guess he shook me a little. But he just wanted to get my attention.

I don’t want this to be a problem. I don’t want him to get in any kind of trouble for this! He’s just a strong guy, and he’s really into soccer. So am I! After a little while I went in and watched the rest of the game with him and we had a good time.

Scenario 2

At this point of the process, after talking to Petar, your next step as a case worke…

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