Unit 6 Additional Question


Please answer each question with a minimum of 50 words each totaling 150 words in all. Please utilize at least three peer-reviewed journal articles, one for each question. In addition, give credit with in-text citations and in the reference listing seventh

References that are attached for reference:

Textbook – Mello, J. A. (2015). Strategic human resource management (4th Ed.). Cengage.

Chabungbam, P. (2005). Performance Management and Appraisal Systems: HR Tools for Global Competitiveness. IIMB Management Review (Indian Institute of Management Bangalore), 17(4), 125–126.

Brand, M. J., & Croonen, E. P. M. (2010). Franchised and Small, the Most Beautiful of All; HRM and Performance in Plural Systems. Journal of Small Business Management, 48(4), 605–626. https://doi-org.bethelu.idm.oclc.org/10.1111/j.154…

Additional questions below:

If we look at what causes organizations to succeed or fail…it is the people who do the work to support the goals of that organization…Performance Management Systems start with current and accurate Job Descriptions…these are created so the Tasks performed in each job support and align with the company’s goals…Therefore, employees succeed at their goals, and the organization’s goals are met…this creates sustainability and enough resources to reward employees for the work they performed successfully.

  1. Is this how it works at your organization?

In your first sentence, you use a very important word-systematic. Human resource functions should be consistent and be systematic among all employees when evaluating job performance. Appropriate performance management systems must be designed and implemented to overcome the minimization of barriers tied to strategic objectives (Capelo, Lopes & Mata, 2015). The feedback that is provided can influence other’s decision-making but not always completely accurate. The feedback could come with biases but could give an employee a different perspective based on their opinions besides their direct supervisor. Job descriptions should be concise and accurate to reflect the position of all employees. The feedback provided can be tied to the overall performance of the employee that is directly tied with the success or failure of the organization.

2. Are all performance management systems the same throughout an industry or at all organizations?

3. How is the information relayed to employees that are not performing at their best?

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