UG Business Communication Essay

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This “Reflective Report – Encounter with Business Communication” is an individual assignment that asks you to share an “encounter” with our course content out in the wild. Look for a course theme used (or abused) in the news, classes, workplaces, by friends, or by family. Consider what strategy you might recommend that will engage the situation and its objectives differently. This assignment aims to help students identify and appreciate the relevance of business communication in practice — for better or worse.


We designed this assignment to give you a chance to apply concepts that you have learned in this course. Note: we will assess both content and formatting. Completing this assignment will help you achieve the following learning outcomes:

Learning outcome 1: Create, conduct and deliver efficient, informative written, verbal, and non-verbal communications to persuasively develop a targeted audience’s comprehension.

Learning outcome 2: Anticipate audience needs and expectations and adapt behaviour to meet those needs, assessing and leveraging specialized vocabularies employed in specific business contexts (e.g., corporate, organizational, community benefit, intercultural).

  • Learning outcome 3: Apply course concepts and best practices to research, plan, write and present information effectively.
  • Learning outcome 4: Cultivate professional credibility, self-awareness, situational adaptability and confidence.
  • Learning outcome 5: Effectively create and implement different business communication formats (e.g., reports, proposals, plans, routine messages).
  • Instructions
  • Consider the unit themes we discuss during this course and relate them to your own experience and engagements. Watch for these themes in your everyday life — look for business communication themes in the news (business, politics) or when you talk with friends, co-workers, managers, teachers, or your parents. Choose a current real-world situation for your analysis.

In a one-page reflective report, tell us about a specific situation you encountered. Reflect on how the situation relates to a particular course theme in business communication (the communication situation can be positive or negative). Apply your critical thinking about communication to share the following information:

Capture the relevant Who / What / Where / When / Why / How information about the communication situation.

Analyze how applied communication made the situation better — or worse.

Provide a recommendation for a different communication approach.

  • Justify your alternative and suggest how your recommendation would achieve a different outcome that is better, worse, or similar.
  • Submission Requirements
  • Make it interesting. Apply the business communication elements of persuasive, personable writing.
  • The Report does not need to be “formal,” but it should be professional, carefully edited, and error-free.

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