UCLA Social Media Effect on Body Image and Body Dysmorphia Essay

“The Purpose of this Essay: The goal of this paper is to construct a fair-minded, unbiased, analytical analysis of a topic in a comprehensive essay.

  • This is NOT an opinion piece NOR is it a persuasive essay that simply aims to prove or reinforce what you already believe; this would be Confirmation Bias, and bias is to be avoided in this project.
  • This project needs to avoid harsh rhetoric or language that is harmful and hurtful in nature; the point to be object and unemotional in your approach.
  • This essay SHOULD be written in fair, academic, respectful, and most importantly analytical manner regardless of any of your opinions, feelings, or preconceived notions about the topic.
  • Both sides of your topic must be treated with equal attention both in terms of the number and quality of sources and in terms of the depth and breadth of their presentation in your essay. Both sides should have about the same number of quality source and about the same number of equally sized paragraphs addressing the details of their argument in roughly equivalent detail.
  • There MUST be 2 paragraphs in this project that identify and define rhetorical devices and logical fallacies on both sides of the argument; be sure to indicate which specific rhetorical device and fallacy you have found, and that there is evidence in your sources of these course concepts in practice that is cited in your paper.
  • You will present statements and claims for and analyzing BOTH sides of the topic; only then should you state you own conclusion as an objective, critical thinker given the information presented”

Papers arguement: Media determines self-confidence and is the root cause of eating disorders and body dissatisfaction. In contrast, media can be used to strengthen body positivity. 

Required Sections:

  • 1) A Properly Formatted APA Title Page
  • 2) A Properly Formatted APA Abstract
  • 3) Intro paragraph
    • For example, you may choose any of the following:
      • State the topic directly. What is body image? What is body dysmorphia? Eating disorder? Social media? 
      • Define the Problem.
      • Ask one Question and provide an answer.
      • Tell a short, brief story related to the topic.
      • Use a brief quote and explain its meaning.
    • 4) Side A Paragraph
      • Expand on the major sources and support with supplemental sources and evidence
    • 5) Side B Paragraph
      • Expand on the major sources and support with supplemental sources
    • 6) Rhetoric and Fallacies (One paragraph for each side)
      • Be specific.  Cite Rhetorical Devices and Fallacies used in sources and research; do NOT be general.
      • Present evidence from your sources that show the Rhetorical Devices and Fallacies being used
        • What is a rhetorical device?
        • it’s the use of psyhological words and emotions to influence our thoughts. A person chooses their words wisely with the desire to persuade the reader. 
          • Examples of rhetorical devices for you to choose from and mention: 
          • Weasler- watered down claim; trying to weasel your way out of something 
          • Example- Sign up and recover up to _% off your first purchase. 
          • Euphemisms- makes it sound better 
          • Example- Passed away
          • Dysphemisms- makes it sound worse
          • Example- Junk food
          • Downplayers- using certain wording to suggest something is worth less than it really is 
          • Example- “so- called” “Just” 
          • Stereotypes- broad generation about a group 
          • Example- All Chinese people are bad drivers
          • Innuendo- suggesting you’re not saying something that you actually are saying 
          • Loaded Question- question that already implies the answer 
          • Example- when did you stop paying the bills?
          • Ridicule/Sarcasm- ridiculing something through a sarcastic comment 
          • Example- That color looks amazing on you. 
          • Hyperbole- exaggeration
          • Example- “I’ll jump in front of a bullet for you”
          • Proof Surrogate- suggest evidence without citing 
          • Example- this informed source told me.. 
          • Repetition- saying the same thing over again
          • Example- The floral red dress was beautiful on Sara, red really looks good on her. 
        • What is a relevance fallacy? The statement is not relevant to the subject in question
        • Examples of fallacies you can choose from to look for and mention: 
          • Red Herring/Smoke Screen- distorting irrelevancy 
          • Example- “look over there, what’s that?”
          • Ad Hominem- personal attack irrelevant to argument 
          • Example- “why would you listen to them just look at how they’re dressed”
          • Poisoning the Well- dismissing someones word because of who they are 
          • Example- dismissing a political candidate because they belong to a certain party 
          • Straw Man- misrepresenting another persons position 
          • Example- Leader of every community should have a gun for safety. One might then come to ask “so everyone should have guns?”. 
          • False Dilemma- All or nothing; the one option is the only option acceptable 
          • Example- The border should be permanently closed to prevent criminals from coming in. 
          • Perfectionist Fallacy- Ignoring any option that isn’t perfect 
          • Example- We have so many shootings, even with all these gun laws in place. We should just get rid of gun laws in all since they clearly don’t help. 
          • Scare Tactics- Trying to scare a person into accepting your opinion 
          • Example- Buy this carseat if you truly care about the safety of your baby. 
    • 7) Concluding Paragraph
      • If the reader is to look at both sides equally and analyze both sides fairly, what conclusion should the reader reach?
      • The answer does not have to be absolute, but it should not be equivocal. If both sides have good arguments, which is better, even if only slightly better, and what is the argument that tips the scales in the sides’ favor?  Why does that point tip the scales?
    • 8) A Properly Formatted APA Reference Page
      • The Sources should appear in Alphabetical Order according to the last name of the first author listed on the source.
      • If there is no Author(s), then the source should be cited by Title or Organization.”

Must use all these sources: Find two other reliable sources for the argument about social media having a positive impact on body image (you can find one about the new barbie dolls they created with different body types to promote body positivity) 

Devos, K. (2018, May 30). The Problem With Body Positivity. New York Times, A23(L). https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A540768819/OVIC?u=ont47921&sid=bookmark-OVIC&xid=f19616e1 

Kim, S. (2018). EATING DISORDERS, BODY DISSATISFACTION, AND SELF-ESTEEM AMONG SOUTH KOREAN WOMEN. Social Behavior and Personality: An International Journal, 46(9), 1537+. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A556734563/OVIC?u=o… 

Mollmann, A., Hunger, A., Dusend, C., van den Hout, M., & Buhlmann, U. (2019). Gazing at facial features increases dissociation and decreases attractiveness ratings in non-clinical females – A potential explanation for a common ritual in body dysmorphic disorder. PLoS ONE, 14(7), e0219791. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A594509889/OVIC?u=o… 

Nesbitt, A., Sabiston, C. M., deJonge, M., Solomon-Krakus, S., & Welsh, T. N. (2019). Barbie’s new look: Exploring cognitive body representation among female children and adolescents. PLoS ONE, 14(6), e0218315. https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A590780001/OVIC?u=o… 

Sundgot-Borgen, C., Bratland-Sanda, S., Engen, K. M. E., Pettersen, G., Friborg, O., Torstveit, M. K., Kolle, E., Piran, N., Sundgot-Borgen, J., & Rosenvinge, J. H. (2018). The Norwegian healthy body image programme: study protocol for a randomized controlled school-based intervention to promote positive body image and prevent disordered eating among Norwegian high school students. BMC Psychology, 6(1). https://link.gale.com/apps/doc/A547057126/OVIC?u=ont47921&sid=bookmark-

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