Types of Meetings and Communications Question

1) Which of the following guidelines should you follow when preparing an email message?

Group of answer choices

Discuss multiple topics in a single mail.

Avoid sending the same message to multiple recipients.

Provide a single-word subject.

Restate the subject in the body of the message.

2) Video conferences are more effective than face-to-face meetings when participants are involved in more structured discussion because:

Group of answer choices

video conferences offer a more personal touch than face-to-face meetings.

attendees prepare better for a video conference than for a face-to-face meeting.

attendees are better able to read nonverbal cues in a video conference than in a face-to-face meeting.

video conferences are better at establishing group rapport than face-to-face meetings.

3) Which of the following is one of the challenges of managing virtual teams?

Group of answer choices

Logistical issues of schedules

Prevalence of ethnocentrism

Lack of proper techology

Increased travel budgets

4) Which of the following statements is true of electronic messages and the law?

Group of answer choices

Electronic communicators are exempted from copyright laws.

US courts uphold that employees can use electronic mail for personal communication within company premises.

US courts uphold that employees can use electronic mail for personal communication within company premises.

US courts have established the right of companies to monitor the electronic mail of an employee.

5) Early on, _____ were used largely for making personal connections, but more and more, companies are using them to interact with customers.

Group of answer choices

search engines

web browsers

social networking sites

uniform resource locaters

6) Which of the following is true of acknowledgement messages?

Group of answer choices

They are always written inductively.

They are typically copies of the sales order.

They cannot be preprinted.

They are sent for orders that can be filled quickly.

7) A positive response to a favor request:

Group of answer choices

uses a brief subject line.

expresses enthusiasm.

follows an inductive sequence.

excludes salutation.

8) A good procedural message:

Group of answer choices

uses a non-descriptive, single-word title.

does not use bullets and enumeration.

has each item beginning with an action verb.

contains sentences written in the passive voice.

9) Which of the following is a difference between memos and letters?

Group of answer choices

Memos are used for sharing information of a somewhat informal nature, whereas letters are used to share information that is formal in nature.

Memos follow the deductive organizational pattern, whereas letters follow the inductive organizational pattern.

Memos provide a formal means of sharing information with people inside an organization, whereas letters are a formal method of conveying information to external audiences.

Memos are used for conveying bad-news messages with customers and clients, whereas letters are used for conveying neutral-news messages with business partners and suppliers.

10) _____ are messages that assume that a request will be granted quickly and willingly, without persuasion.

Group of answer choices

Inductive claims

Acknowledgement messages

Routine claims

Form messages

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